I-35 Speedway Race Recap 10-1-2022

I-35 Speedway, Winston Mo


By: Phillip Wilson, Track Announcer



Ninety-seven (97) cars checked in for the McCarthy Auto Group Show Me Spectacular as we start the month of October at I-35 Speedway. Racing was completed before 10:30 pm and the fans were treated to some great side-by-side racing action to the final checkers.


The E-Mods were first to hit the track tonight with points leader Casey Burnett picking up his 16th feature win of the season. Aaron Jones and Adam Dunwoodie were not far behind as they battled side-by-side, finishing second and third. Kenny Reed raced his way up to a fourth-place finish with Brett Holman in fifth to round out the top five.


Pure Stocks were out next and from the drop of the green flag, it looked like the Ava Dixon Show. Spencer Reiff and Jakub Hisel would battle lap after lap behind points leader Ava Dixon. As they came through turns three and four to the checkered flag, Reiff would use the inside line to slip by Dixon and pick up his first feature win of the season at I-35 Speedway. Dixon would finish second, Jakub Hisel third, Conrad Kauffman fourth and Tim McCollum fifth.


After a two-month hiatus, Shayne Bailey would return to I-35 Speedway and pick up his ninth feature win in the Midwest Limited Late Models. Points leader Ed Noll would move up from starting eight to finish second. Early race leader and last week’s feature winner Paul Glendenning finished third, followed by Houston Johnson and Vic Lovejoy.


Corey Myers was going to use the rest of this season as a test session for next season in the USRA B-Mods. The testing session went well as Myers picked up his first win of the season and led from the drop of the green flag. Daniel Harris and Colin Pierce would put the pressure on Myers but would finish second and third. Michael Taylor III, with his new race car body finished fourth and Ron Hartford finished fifth in his first race at I-35 Speedway this season.


Kristchon Hisel and Rodney Schweizer put on a show for the fans in USRA Stock Car competition. Hisel led and Schweizer tried the inside line lap after lap. Schweizer would take the lead and try to slide up in front of Hisel only for Hisel to shoot back by on the outside. In the end Hisel would pick up his second feature win in a row, his third of the season. Schweizer would finish second, Aaron Sauter finished third continuing his streak of good runs after a battle with Doug Keller. Keller was fourth and Jake Newman overcame a Did Not Finish (DNF) in his heat race to finish fifth.


I-35 Speedway USRA Modified points leader Tyler Hibner had the USRA national points leader Tyler Davis in the house as the two drivers went to war. In the end Hibner would walk away with his ninth feature win at I-35 Speedway. Davis finished second, Darren Shaw, who was a threat to win early finished third, Tyler Grooms continued his strong season finishing fourth and Chris Spalding was fifth.


Points leader Brad Mick led the Sport Compact feature early until rookie Johnathon Hartman would make the pass for the lead. Hartman looked like he had his first feature win in sight until a late caution would wipe away his lead. Mick used the late race restart to get by Hartman with about one lap to go and pick up his sixth feature win of the season at I-35 Speedway. Hartman would finish second, Harold Robb Sr, Elijah Hoyt and Brad Alshire all had strong runs finishing third, fourth and fifth.


Eddy Noll led all five of the Sport Compact rookie race to pick up the win. Newcomer Carman Glidden was second.


Congratulations to Fan of the Week Isabella Vest sponsored by Wild Child Nation, Reiff Racing, Hibner Racing, Cordray Racing, Noll Racing, Reed/Anderson Racing and Lisa Burlington Photography.


Join us next week, starting an hour early (6 P.M.)  for Tompkins Industries Night as the Show-Me Vintage Racers join us once again at the historic I-35 Speedway!

USRA Modifieds 15 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:11:42.105

  1. 89-Tyler Hibner[1]; 2. 65-Tyler Davis[4]; 3. 11-Darren Shaw[3]; 4. 92-Tyler Grooms[5]; 5. 5-Chris Spalding[9]; 6. 26J-Jadin Fuller[6]; 7. 99H-Lee Hibner[7]; 8. 0-Richard Layne[8]; 9. ONE2-Josh Combs[10]; 10. 31-David Coates[12]; 11. 97-Houston Johnson[2]; 12. 67-Jeffrey Booher[13]; 13. 58-Terry Vantrump[11]; 14. (DNS) 18-Brad Johnson; 15. (DNS) 98-Mike Johnson

Heat 1 | 00:03:43.001

  1. 11-Darren Shaw[4]; 2. 97-Houston Johnson[8]; 3. 26J-Jadin Fuller[2]; 4. 0-Richard Layne[3]; 5. 5-Chris Spalding[6]; 6. 58-Terry Vantrump[1]; 7. (DNS) 18-Brad Johnson; 8. (DNS) 98-Mike Johnson

Heat 2 | 00:04:22.384

  1. 89-Tyler Hibner[6]; 2. 65-Tyler Davis[1]; 3. 99H-Lee Hibner[3]; 4. 92-Tyler Grooms[7]; 5. ONE2-Josh Combs[4]; 6. 31-David Coates[2]; 7. 67-Jeffrey Booher[5]

USRA B-Mods 14 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:17:13.719

  1. 15X-Corey Myers[2]; 2. 07-Daniel Harris[4]; 3. 15-Colin Pierce[1]; 4. 6T-Michael Taylor III[7]; 5. 97-Ron Hartford[3]; 6. 16-Bobby Penney[9]; 7. 0-Marty Randol[13]; 8. 29S-Swayde Richardson[12]; 9. 33C-Cole Moore[6]; 10. 59-Scott Kunze[14]; 11. 9-NORMAN WEST[11]; 12. 69ER-Tyler Cadwallader[10]; 13. 18M-Chase Moulton[5]; 14. 47L-Jason Withrow[8]

Heat 1 | 00:03:13.533

  1. 15-Colin Pierce[2]; 2. 07-Daniel Harris[1]; 3. 33C-Cole Moore[4]; 4. 6T-Michael Taylor III[7]; 5. 16-Bobby Penney[5]; 6. 69ER-Tyler Cadwallader[3]; 7. 29S-Swayde Richardson[6]

Heat 2 | 00:04:52.739

  1. 15X-Corey Myers[2]; 2. 18M-Chase Moulton[1]; 3. 97-Ron Hartford[6]; 4. 47L-Jason Withrow[4]; 5. 59-Scott Kunze[7]; 6. 9-NORMAN WEST[3]; 7. 0-Marty Randol[5]

USRA Stock Cars 10 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:09:26.451

  1. 20-Kristchon Hisel[1]; 2. 74-Rodney Schweizer[2]; 3. 83S-Aaron Sauter[5]; 4. 37-Doug Keller[10]; 5. 222-Jake Newman[9]; 6. 4D-Dalton Swalley[3]; 7. 31-Robert Fisk[6]; 8. 96-Clinton Goff[4]; 9. 47-Paul Carter[7]; 10. 5M-Madi Waterbury[8]

Heat 1 | 00:02:31.686

  1. 74-Rodney Schweizer[3]; 2. 4D-Dalton Swalley[2]; 3. 31-Robert Fisk[1]; 4. 47-Paul Carter[4]; 5. (DNS) 37-Doug Keller

Heat 2 | 00:02:37.479

  1. 20-Kristchon Hisel[5]; 2. 96-Clinton Goff[1]; 3. 83S-Aaron Sauter[4]; 4. 5M-Madi Waterbury[2]; 5. 222-Jake Newman[3]

Pure Stock 13 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:10:01.376

  1. 7-Spencer Reiff[2]; 2. 3A-Ava Dixon[1]; 3. 27-Jakub Hisel[4]; 4. 49K-Conrad Kauffman[5]; 5. 33M-Tim McCollum[7]; 6. 10-Albert Curtis[9]; 7. 62RJ-Josh Morey[11]; 8. 77-Johnnie Price[3]; 9. 13B-Devin Baker[6]; 10. 8-Tommy Luft[10]; 11. (DNS) 478-Mike Fuller; 12. (DNS) 17RJ-Ryan Hinkle; 13. (DNS) 31T-Timothy Price

Heat 1 | 00:03:37.820

  1. 3A-Ava Dixon[6]; 2. 77-Johnnie Price[5]; 3. 27-Jakub Hisel[7]; 4. 33M-Tim McCollum[4]; 5. 8-Tommy Luft[1]; 6. 62RJ-Josh Morey[3]; 7. 478-Mike Fuller[2]

Heat 2 | 00:07:12.450

  1. 7-Spencer Reiff[3]; 2. 49K-Conrad Kauffman[2]; 3. 13B-Devin Baker[1]; 4. 31T-Timothy Price[4]; 5. 10-Albert Curtis[6]; 6. (DNS) 17RJ-Ryan Hinkle

Midwest Limited Late Models 10 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:15:06.602

  1. 7-Shayne Bailey[2]; 2. 15-Ed Noll[8]; 3. 33-Paul Glendenning[1]; 4. 97-Houston Johnson[7]; 5. 2V-Vic Lovejoy[3]; 6. 55D-Michael Dotson[4]; 7. 02T-Harold Robb Jr[10]; 8. 5T-Michael Trulson[9]; 9. 44H-Huey Jacobs[5]; 10. (DNS) 5-Tommy Cordray

Heat 1 | 00:02:58.283

  1. 33-Paul Glendenning[2]; 2. 7-Shayne Bailey[5]; 3. 5-Tommy Cordray[1]; 4. 97-Houston Johnson[4]; 5. 15-Ed Noll[3]

Heat 2 | 00:03:16.820

  1. 2V-Vic Lovejoy[1]; 2. 55D-Michael Dotson[2]; 3. 44H-Huey Jacobs[4]; 4. 02T-Harold Robb Jr[5]; 5. 5T-Michael Trulson[3]

Economy Mods 20 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:25:21.052

  1. 23B-Casey Burnett[4]; 2. 68-Aaron Jones[2]; 3. 33D-Adam Dunwoodie[5]; 4. 56R-Kenny Reed[10]; 5. 01B-Brett Holman[1]; 6. 31M-Michael Hascall[6]; 7. 28-Shawn Burns[8]; 8. 69-Tiffany Cadwallader[15]; 9. 12-Andrew Thomas[3]; 10. 8-Devin Dultmeier[19]; 11. 08-Nathan Hampton[11]; 12. 88-Alex Dunwoodie[18]; 13. 39S-James Silkwood[16]; 14. 21C-Ryan Thurman[20]; 15. 65A-Mark Anderson[12]; 16. 39M-Michael Silkwood[13]; 17. 12JR-Jory Stots[14]; 18. 45W-Peyton Baker[17]; 19. 31-Jeremy Pittsenbarger[9]; 20. 95S-AJ Sayers[7]

Heat 1 | 00:02:30.200

  1. 68-Aaron Jones[1]; 2. 23B-Casey Burnett[4]; 3. 31-Jeremy Pittsenbarger[2]; 4. 56R-Kenny Reed[6]; 5. 69-Tiffany Cadwallader[5]; 6. 39S-James Silkwood[7]; 7. 8-Devin Dultmeier[3]

Heat 2 | 00:02:34.706

  1. 01B-Brett Holman[5]; 2. 31M-Michael Hascall[2]; 3. 95S-AJ Sayers[4]; 4. 08-Nathan Hampton[6]; 5. 39M-Michael Silkwood[7]; 6. 45W-Peyton Baker[1]; 7. 21C-Ryan Thurman[3]

Heat 3 | 00:05:18.177

  1. 12-Andrew Thomas[1]; 2. 33D-Adam Dunwoodie[3]; 3. 28-Shawn Burns[4]; 4. 65A-Mark Anderson[5]; 5. 12JR-Jory Stots[6]; 6. 88-Alex Dunwoodie[2]

Sport Compact 15 Entries

A Feature 1

  1. 31-Brad Mick[1]; 2. 76B-Jonnathon Hartman[8]; 3. 22L-Harold Robb Sr[3]; 4. 98H-Elijah Hoyt[4]; 5. 47-Brad Alshire[2]; 6. 24M-Mike King[7]; 7. 97-Baylee Fish[11]; 8. T5T-Tyler Turner[9]; 9. 15-Eddy Noll[15]; 10. 84M-David Robb[5]; 11. 4H-Carman Glidden[14]; 12. (DNS) 98-Laura Davis; 13. (DNS) 8P-Isaiah Penton; 14. (DNS) 47CR-Rosie Robb; 15. (DNS) 5J-Jeremy Sims

Heat 1

  1. 22L-Harold Robb Sr[2]; 2. 98H-Elijah Hoyt[5]; 3. 5J-Jeremy Sims[3]; 4. 24M-Mike King[1]; 5. T5T-Tyler Turner[6]; 6. 97-Baylee Fish[7]; 7. 47CR-Rosie Robb[4]; 8. 15-Eddy Noll[8]

Heat 2

  1. 31-Brad Mick[4]; 2. 47-Brad Alshire[6]; 3. 84M-David Robb[5]; 4. 76B-Jonnathon Hartman[1]; 5. 98-Laura Davis[2]; 6. 8P-Isaiah Penton[3]; 7. 4H-Carman Glidden[7]
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