I-35 Speedway Results 10-7-23

I-35 Speedway/Winston, Mo.


By:Phillip Wilson-Track Announcer

While some were away to play at the USRA Nationals, eighty-one (81) cars checked in for the McCarthy Auto Group Show Me Spectacular at I-35 Speedway. Drivers put on a great show for the fans and the final checkered flag flew before 9:30 pm.

E-mod points leader Adam Dunwoodie picked up feature win #13 on the season giving him the baker’s dozen. Blake Hayes had another good run as he finished second. Michael Hascall continues his pursuit for the points championship as he finished third. Kyle Russell, driving the 21K car finished fourth and Nathan Hampton finished fifth.

Jakub Hisel slipped past race leader and track points leader, Jeffery Sears, on the final lap to pick up win number two on the season in the Pure Stocks, his second in a row. Sears tried a run off of turn four coming to the checkered but would finish second. Rookie Carter Johnson would have a good run finishing third. Jason Payne, driving Anthony Whitham’s car, finished fourth and Gabe Querry finally put together a good run at I-35 Speedway as he finished fifth.

Lucas Isaacs put an Issacs in victory lane two weeks in a row in USRA B-mods, as last week his brother Ethan picked up the win. Tonight, it was Lucas’ turn to visit McCarthy Auto Group Victory Lane.  Points leader Corey Myers would finish second. Perry Milbourn Jr would get a podium finish in third. Patrick Royalty would finish fourth and Brad Wyatt would venture away from behind the wheel of his non-wing sprint to finish fifth.

Austin Kaplan would pick up his second win the Medieval USRA Stock Cars. His last win he would have a great battle with Jeff Dixon and tonight the battle was with Danny Holt. Holt led the first half of the feature but would come home second. Nic Hanes would battle for the win and finish third. Caleb Dennis and Dylan Holt would both have great runs finishing fourth and fifth.

Tyler Hibner would get the lead from the drop of the green flag and go on to win his 12th feature win of the season in the USRA Modifieds. Last week’s feature winner Lee Hibner finished second. Chad Lyle would finish third, followed by Ron Ver Beek and Richard Layne to round out the top five.

Alvin Cooney picked up his sixth feature win of the season in Sport Compacts as he made his way back to I-35 Speedway. Points leader Brad Mick would finish second. Harold Robb Jr would come home third, with Elijah Hoyt fourth and Jonnathon Hartman fifth.

Junior Sport Compact points leader Payton Hanes would pick up her second feature win of the season. Maddy Barr would finish second. Grant Sheetz, who led until the last lap when he had mechanical issues, would finish third and Katelynn Flemming fourth.

Congratulations to fan of the week winner Caleigh Baker, sponsored by Tyler Grooms Racing, Samuel Moore, Darren Shaw Racing, Dalton Strohl Racing, Crazy David Oxford Racing and Michael Hascall Racing.

Join us next week for Scobee Powerline Night as the Vintage Open make their final trip to I-35 Speedway for the 2023 season. Reminder, we will be starting one hour early for the rest of the season.

USRA Modifieds 7 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:11:56.124

  1. 89-Tyler Hibner[1]; 2. 99H-Lee Hibner[2]; 3. 18-Chad Lyle[3]; 4. R-Ron Ver Beek[7]; 5. 0-Richard Layne[5]; 6. 58-Terry Vantrump[4]; 7. 98-Austin Johnson[6]

Heat 1 | 00:07:05.027

  1. 99H-Lee Hibner[1]; 2. 89-Tyler Hibner[5]; 3. 18-Chad Lyle[3]; 4. 58-Terry Vantrump[2]; 5. 0-Richard Layne[4]; 6. 98-Austin Johnson[6]; 7. R-Ron Ver Beek[7]

USRA B-Mods 9 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:10:24.565

  1. 6-Lucas Isaacs[3]; 2. 15X-Corey Myers[2]; 3. 12P-Perry Milbourn Jr[4]; 4. 49-Patrick Royalty[8]; 5. 34-Brad Wyatt[9]; 6. 18M-Chase Moulton[6]; 7. 2X-Cole Hamilton[1]; 8. 17-Dean Galvan[5]; 9. (DNS) 23C-Billy Carreno

Heat 1 | 00:06:54.207

  1. 6-Lucas Isaacs[1]; 2. 15X-Corey Myers[5]; 3. 17-Dean Galvan[4]; 4. 23C-Billy Carreno[3]; 5. 34-Brad Wyatt[2]

Heat 2 | 00:02:58.549

  1. 2X-Cole Hamilton[2]; 2. 12P-Perry Milbourn Jr[1]; 3. 18M-Chase Moulton[3]; 4. 49-Patrick Royalty[4]

Medieval USRA Stock Cars 12 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:09:34.876

  1. A1A-Austin Kaplan[4]; 2. 11-Danny Holt[1]; 3. 9H-Nic Hanes[3]; 4. 11D-Caleb Dennis[5]; 5. 7D-Dylan Holt[6]; 6. 82M-Anthony Robertson[7]; 7. 53-Sam Luehrs[2]; 8. 3-Brandon Dixon[9]; 9. 5Z-Chuck Ziolkowski[10]; 10. 77T-Trent Jeanes[11]; 11. 39-James Silkwood[12]; 12. 13-Brandon Beam[8]

Heat 1 | 00:03:59.280

  1. 11-Danny Holt[2]; 2. A1A-Austin Kaplan[1]; 3. 11D-Caleb Dennis[3]; 4. 82M-Anthony Robertson[6]; 5. 3-Brandon Dixon[4]; 6. 77T-Trent Jeanes[5]

Heat 2 | 00:05:13.185

  1. 53-Sam Luehrs[1]; 2. 9H-Nic Hanes[4]; 3. 7D-Dylan Holt[2]; 4. 13-Brandon Beam[3]; 5. 5Z-Chuck Ziolkowski[5]; 6. 39-James Silkwood[6]

Pure Stock 16 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:30:06.220

  1. 27-Jakub Hisel[7]; 2. 13J-Jeffrey Sears[4]; 3. 79-Carter Johnson[9]; 4. 26-Jason Payne[8]; 5. 03-Gabe Querry[13]; 6. 31M-Aaron Wilhoit[12]; 7. 13B-Devin Baker[6]; 8. 22A-Kahne Crockett[16]; 9. 77-Johnnie Price[5]; 10. 43-Christian Turner[11]; 11. 87-Donald Moore[14]; 12. 911-Jayden Bears[1]; 13. 3A-Ava Dixon[2]; 14. 95-Bo Eads[3]; 15. 10R-Christopher Rainey[10]; 16. (DNS) 57M-Elijah Meyer

Heat 1 | 00:05:28.807

  1. 911-Jayden Bears[4]; 2. 95-Bo Eads[6]; 3. 77-Johnnie Price[7]; 4. 27-Jakub Hisel[2]; 5. 26-Jason Payne[5]; 6. 22A-Kahne Crockett[8]; 7. 43-Christian Turner[1]; 8. 03-Gabe Querry[3]

Heat 2 | 00:06:18.357

  1. 3A-Ava Dixon[4]; 2. 13J-Jeffrey Sears[6]; 3. 13B-Devin Baker[3]; 4. 57M-Elijah Meyer[8]; 5. 79-Carter Johnson[5]; 6. 10R-Christopher Rainey[1]; 7. 31M-Aaron Wilhoit[7]; 8. 87-Donald Moore[2]

Economy Mods 17 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:11:41.123

  1. 33D-Adam Dunwoodie[2]; 2. 14H-Blake Hayes[3]; 3. 31M-Michael Hascall[7]; 4. 21K-Kyle Russell[4]; 5. 08-Nathan Hampton[1]; 6. 71-Tony Layne[6]; 7. 01B-Brett Holman[11]; 8. 14P-Jonathan Parker[9]; 9. 17L-Landen McClure[13]; 10. 56R-Kenny Reed[10]; 11. 12D-Dayne Rogers[14]; 12. 23-Bill Penland[17]; 13. 08X-Draven Wright[12]; 14. 13-PJ Conger[8]; 15. 21C-Ryan Thurman[15]; 16. 96B-Randall Turner[16]; 17. 65A-Mark Anderson[5]

Heat 1 | 00:04:46.568

  1. 33D-Adam Dunwoodie[1]; 2. 71-Tony Layne[2]; 3. 31M-Michael Hascall[5]; 4. 01B-Brett Holman[3]; 5. 17L-Landen McClure[4]; 6. 96B-Randall Turner[6]

Heat 2 | 00:04:01.764

  1. 14H-Blake Hayes[1]; 2. 65A-Mark Anderson[4]; 3. 13-PJ Conger[5]; 4. 56R-Kenny Reed[6]; 5. 12D-Dayne Rogers[2]; 6. 23-Bill Penland[3]

Heat 3 | 00:05:45.729

  1. 21K-Kyle Russell[1]; 2. 08-Nathan Hampton[5]; 3. 14P-Jonathan Parker[4]; 4. 08X-Draven Wright[3]; 5. 21C-Ryan Thurman[2]

Sport Compact 16 Entries

A Feature 1

  1. 69-Alvin Cooney[1]; 2. 31-Brad Mick[3]; 3. 007T-Harold Robb Jr[4]; 4. 98-Elijah Hoyt[10]; 5. 76B-Jonnathon Hartman[8]; 6. 47-Brad Aleshire[6]; 7. 33-Jeff Rigsby[7]; 8. 20D-Dakota Cox[14]; 9. 28-Austin Ziegler[15]; 10. 34-Jayden Johnson[11]; 11. 97-Baylee Carter[16]; 12. 9X-Samuel Moore[5]; 13. 10-Hunter Throckmorton[9]; 14. 22L-Laura Davis[13]; 15. 195-Preston Rigsby[12]; 16. 17-Ryan Hinkle[2]

Heat 1

  1. 69-Alvin Cooney[1]; 2. 007T-Harold Robb Jr[3]; 3. 9X-Samuel Moore[6]; 4. 33-Jeff Rigsby[8]; 5. 10-Hunter Throckmorton[5]; 6. 34-Jayden Johnson[2]; 7. 22L-Laura Davis[7]; 8. 28-Austin Ziegler[4]

Heat 2

  1. 17-Ryan Hinkle[1]; 2. 47-Brad Aleshire[2]; 3. 31-Brad Mick[7]; 4. 76B-Jonnathon Hartman[8]; 5. 98-Elijah Hoyt[4]; 6. 195-Preston Rigsby[5]; 7. 20D-Dakota Cox[6]; 8. 97-Baylee Carter[3]

Jr Sport Compacts 4 Entries

A Feature 1

  1. 9H-Payton Hanes[3]; 2. 43-Maddy Barr[4]; 3. 64-Grant Sheetz[1]; 4. S28-Katelynn Fleming[2]

Heat 1

  1. 64-Grant Sheetz[4]; 2. S28-Katelynn Fleming[3]; 3. 9H-Payton Hanes[2]; 4. 43-Maddy Barr[1]


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