I-35 Speedway 6-3-23 Recap

I-35 Speedway

Winston, Mo.


By: Phillip Wilson-Track Announcer

Fans filled the bleachers; cars filled the parking lot and the sweet sound of horsepower filled the air as one hundred nine (109) cars checked in for Racin’ Dirt Night at I-35 Speedway. The action to start the night was as hot as the June air as drivers prepare for the upcoming Finish Strong Mike Tanner Memorial next Saturday night.

Adam Dunwoodie started off his double duty night the right way as he parked in McCarthy Autogroup Victory Lane for the fifth time this season. For the first half of the race Dunwoodie would have a war on his hands with Chris Dishong as they battled lap after lap. Dunwoodie would eventually pull away for the win. Dishong would finish second as another battle ensued behind the top two with Tony Layne finishing third, Kenny Prince fourth and Michael Hascall fifth.

In Pure Stock action Mich Ross would pick up his first feature win of the season at I-35 Speedway. Ross and Tim Billings had a great side by side battle in the opening laps. In the end Ross would have to hold off Dale Eaton as they battled side by side in the closing laps. Eaton would finish second, Billings third, Ava Dixon would work her way to finish fourth and Adam Dunwoodie doing double duty tonight would finish fifth.

Shayne Bailey picked up his second win of the season in the Midwest Limited Late Models as he found something on the high side. Tommy Cordray looked like his car was shot out of a cannon for the first few laps. The top five were jockeying for position for the first ten circuits as they swapped positions until Bailey pulled away. Cordray finished second, last week’s winner Ed Noll was third, Vic Lovejoy was fourth and Michael Trulson was fifth.

The POWRi Midwest Lightning Sprints visited the famed 3/8ths dirt oval known as I-35 Speedway for the first time in 2023. JP Falke started off leading most of the fifteen-lap feature until Trice Roden found his line and drove it to perfection to pick up the win. Falke would finish second, Tyler Johnson third, Kenny Bowers won the battle with Kenny Billings as Bowers was fourth and Billings fifth.

Chris Wright, Corey Myers, Jaylen Wettengel and Tyler Cadwallader put on a show for the fans as they waged war for the USRA B-Mod win. Wright had to retire from the race with mechanical issues which left a three-car battle for the win. In the end Cadwallader would pick up his second win of the season, Corey Myers finished second and Jaylen Wettengel third. Casey Burnett moving from the E-Mod division would have a good run finishing fourth and Jeff Stotts came through traffic finishing fifth.

In his heat race Nic Hanes found out 4 wheels on a race car is better than 3 as unfortunately he lost a wheel ending his heat. Hanes and his crew got the car repaired and back out for the feature event starting eighteenth in the lineup. Hanes came through traffic and after a great battle with Jaylen Wettengel he would pick up his third win on the season. Wettengel finished second, his second top 3 finish on the night as he also did double duty. Brad Derry came home third, Anthony Robertson was fourth and Brandon Dixon, who was a threat to win early in the race and had to restart in the back and worked his way back to finish fifth.

After an incident on lap two of the USRA Modified feature track officials were forced to postpone the remainder of the program. For up-to-date information regarding when these features will be ran follow the I-35 Speedway Winston Facebook page.

Congratulations to the fan of the week Brock Lewis sponsored by Wild Child Nation, Chasity Younger Racing, Kenny Prince Racing, Thurman Motorsports and Show-Me Synthetics.

Join us next week for the Finish Strong Mike Tanner Memorial as we come together to celebrate a legend of I-35 Speedway, Mike Tanner, and help raise money for The Finish Strong Foundation as the Stock Cars will pay $2,020 to win, $170 to start as well as bonus payouts through the field and longest haul bonus. The Sport Compacts will pay $300 to win as well as other bonuses.

Media Results for 6/3/2023 at I-35 Speedway – Winston, MO

USRA Modifieds 11 Entries

Heat 1 | 00:06:00.342

  1. 99H-Lee Hibner[2]; 2. 97-Houston Johnson[3]; 3. 92-Tyler Grooms[5]; 4. 12JR-Jory Stotts[1]; 5. 17K-Michael King[4]; 6. (DNS) 18-Brad Johnson

Heat 2 | 00:06:16.346

  1. 89-Tyler Hibner[4]; 2. 58-Terry Vantrump[2]; 3. 12-Andrew Thomas[1]; 4. 31-David Coates[3]; 5. 01-Cason Carroll[5]

USRA B-Mods 12 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:09:38.202

  1. 69ER-Tyler Cadwallader[5]; 2. 15X-Corey Myers[1]; 3. 91J-Jaylen Wettengel[3]; 4. 23B-Casey Burnett[6]; 5. 12-Jeff Stotts[12]; 6. 6T-Michael Taylor III[9]; 7. 27-Tyler O’Neal[8]; 8. 23-Jesse Stretch[10]; 9. 66X-Chris Wright[2]; 10. 12D-Daniel Pettit[11]; 11. 88H-Lonnie Hibner[4]; 12. (DNS) 18M-Chase Moulton

Heat 1 | 00:03:48.280

  1. 15X-Corey Myers[6]; 2. 91J-Jaylen Wettengel[5]; 3. 23B-Casey Burnett[2]; 4. 18M-Chase Moulton[1]; 5. 23-Jesse Stretch[3]; 6. 12D-Daniel Pettit[4]

Heat 2 | 00:04:07.001

  1. 66X-Chris Wright[2]; 2. 88H-Lonnie Hibner[1]; 3. 69ER-Tyler Cadwallader[4]; 4. 27-Tyler O’Neal[3]; 5. 6T-Michael Taylor III[6]; 6. 12-Jeff Stotts[5]

Medieval USRA Stock Cars 18 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:11:21.557

  1. 9H-Nic Hanes[18]; 2. 91J-Jaylen Wettengel[3]; 3. 37D-Brad Derry[7]; 4. 82M-Anthony Robertson[4]; 5. 3-Brandon Dixon[8]; 6. 94K-Chester Kaufman[10]; 7. 5DJ-DJ Barnes[1]; 8. 14C-Bill Carter[11]; 9. 47D-Devin Saler[13]; 10. 88-Jeff Dixon[17]; 11. 4D-Dalton Swalley[9]; 12. 20-Kristchon Hisel[2]; 13. 3X-Tony Manley[6]; 14. 2X-Ricky Bobby Crouch[5]; 15. (DNS) 9X-Anthony Manley; 16. (DNS) 71-Louis Lynch; 17. (DNS) X4-Chris Cline; 18. (DNS) 11D-Caleb Dennis

Heat 1 | 00:04:01.451

  1. 5DJ-DJ Barnes[1]; 2. 91J-Jaylen Wettengel[3]; 3. 3X-Tony Manley[4]; 4. 3-Brandon Dixon[7]; 5. 14C-Bill Carter[2]; 6. 94K-Chester Kaufman[9]; 7. 47D-Devin Saler[8]; 8. X4-Chris Cline[6]; 9. 88-Jeff Dixon[5]

Heat 2 | 00:33:08.302

  1. 20-Kristchon Hisel[1]; 2. 82M-Anthony Robertson[2]; 3. 37D-Brad Derry[4]; 4. 2X-Ricky Bobby Crouch[9]; 5. 4D-Dalton Swalley[6]; 6. 9X-Anthony Manley[5]; 7. 71-Louis Lynch[7]; 8. 11D-Caleb Dennis[3]; 9. 9H-Nic Hanes[8]

Pure Stock 16 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:21:32.003

  1. 20X-Mich Ross[3]; 2. 63-Dale Eaton[4]; 3. 25-Tim Billings[1]; 4. 3A-Ava Dixon[6]; 5. 99C-Adam Dunwoodie[2]; 6. 77-Johnnie Price[5]; 7. 27-Jakub Hisel[8]; 8. 13J-Jeffrey Sears[10]; 9. 49K-Conrad Kauffman[9]; 10. 10-Albert Curtis[7]; 11. 13B-Devin Baker[12]; 12. 78-Isaac Dixon[13]; 13. 79-Carter Johnson[11]; 14. 10R-Christopher Rainey[14]; 15. 19-Emily Turner[16]; 16. 17H-Ryan Hinkle[15]

Heat 1 | 00:03:46.350

  1. 25-Tim Billings[3]; 2. 13J-Jeffrey Sears[7]; 3. 63-Dale Eaton[6]; 4. 10-Albert Curtis[1]; 5. 3A-Ava Dixon[8]; 6. 13B-Devin Baker[2]; 7. 78-Isaac Dixon[4]; 8. 10R-Christopher Rainey[5]

Heat 2 | 00:04:57.341

  1. 20X-Mich Ross[1]; 2. 99C-Adam Dunwoodie[6]; 3. 77-Johnnie Price[2]; 4. 27-Jakub Hisel[3]; 5. 49K-Conrad Kauffman[5]; 6. 79-Carter Johnson[7]; 7. 19-Emily Turner[8]; 8. 17H-Ryan Hinkle[4]

Midwest Limited Late Models 7 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:08:35.147

  1. 7-Shayne Bailey[3]; 2. 5-Tommy Cordray[1]; 3. 15-Ed Noll[4]; 4. 2V-Vic Lovejoy[5]; 5. 5T-Michael Trulson[7]; 6. 22-Steve McDowell[6]; 7. 97-Houston Johnson[2]

Heat 1 | 00:04:09.876

  1. 5-Tommy Cordray[2]; 2. 97-Houston Johnson[3]; 3. 7-Shayne Bailey[6]; 4. 15-Ed Noll[7]; 5. 2V-Vic Lovejoy[4]; 6. 22-Steve McDowell[5]; 7. 5T-Michael Trulson[1]

Economy Mods 13 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:13:01.699

  1. 33D-Adam Dunwoodie[1]; 2. 41-Chris Dishong[2]; 3. 71-Tony Layne[3]; 4. 447-Kenny Prince[4]; 5. 31M-Michael Hascall[7]; 6. 16-Devin Dultmeier[8]; 7. 56R-Kenny Reed[5]; 8. 12N-Nathan Baker[9]; 9. 3W-Matthew Stotts[11]; 10. 31-Jeremy Pittsenbarger[6]; 11. 01B-Brett Holman[10]; 12. 08D-Donald Tucker[13]; 13. 79-Levi Rainey[12]

Heat 1 | 00:05:39.504

  1. 33D-Adam Dunwoodie[4]; 2. 71-Tony Layne[3]; 3. 56R-Kenny Reed[5]; 4. 31M-Michael Hascall[6]; 5. 12N-Nathan Baker[1]; 6. 3W-Matthew Stotts[7]; 7. 08D-Donald Tucker[2]

Heat 2 | 00:04:06.794

  1. 41-Chris Dishong[4]; 2. 447-Kenny Prince[2]; 3. 31-Jeremy Pittsenbarger[1]; 4. 16-Devin Dultmeier[3]; 5. 01B-Brett Holman[5]; 6. 79-Levi Rainey[6]

Sport Compact 15 Entries

Heat 1

  1. 5J-Jeremy Sims[2]; 2. 98-Elijah Hoyt[4]; 3. 47-Brad Aleshire[6]; 4. 76B-Jonnathon Hartman[8]; 5. 10-Hunter Throckmorton[5]; 6. 9X-Samuel Moore[7]; 7. 22L-Harold Robb Sr[3]; 8. 28-Austin Ziegler[1]

Heat 2

  1. 69-Alvin Cooney[2]; 2. 31-Brad Mick[6]; 3. 007T-Harold Robb Jr[4]; 4. 21X-Joshua Glaspie[5]; 5. 97-Baylee Fish[7]; 6. 8P-Isaiah Penton[1]; 7. 25M-McKenna King[3]

Midwest Lightning Sprints 9 Entries

A Feature 1

  1. 27R-Trice Roden[5]; 2. 45-JP Falke[1]; 3. 7-Tyler Johnson[2]; 4. 49B-Kenny Bowers[4]; 5. 51-Mark Billings[6]; 6. 85-Ken Billings[8]; 7. 91-Mike Tindell[7]; 8. 10-Chasity Younger[3]; 9. (DNS) 74C-Jeff Bard

Heat 1

  1. 85-Ken Billings[1]; 2. 27R-Trice Roden[2]; 3. 10-Chasity Younger[4]; 4. 45-JP Falke[3]; 5. 91-Mike Tindell[5]

Heat 2

  1. 51-Mark Billings[2]; 2. 49B-Kenny Bowers[1]; 3. 7-Tyler Johnson[3]; 4. 74C-Jeff Bard[4]

Jr Sport Compacts 8 Entries

Heat 1

  1. 64-Grant Sheetz[6]; 2. 48-Landry Cooney[1]; 3. 75-Brycen Bouzek[5]; 4. 15-Eddy Noll[4]; 5. 9H-Payton Hanes[8]; 6. 51B-Emma Mather[3]; 7. 43-Maddy Barr[2]; 8. (DNS) 35B-Betty Wright



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