Fireworks Fill The Night Sky, As Drivers Put The Fans On Their Feet With Another Thrilling Night Of Racing Action At I-35 Speedway During ProAg Night At The Races

By I-35 Speedway Announcer, Mark Merrell

 (Winston, Missouri)

The night sky was filled with fireworks celebrating Independence Day, following what proved to be, yet another night of thrilling racing once again At I-35 Speedway.

 E-Mod driver, ‘Maddog’ Matt Dorssom has proven that he is the driver to beat. Dorssom came into the night with seven feature wins. ‘Maddog’ started his feature during ProAg Night At The Races inside row two, next to Justin Asher. Chris Dishong And Kameron Hanes were the occupants of row one. As the race began, Dishong looked to be the car to beat. Undaunted, Dorssom eventually raced by Dishong for the lead. Shaunie Lanning set her sight on the lead, but was unable to run by Dorssom, who raced into McCarthy Auto Group Winner’s Circle, capturing his 8th win of the year. Lanning finished 2nd, with Justin Asher 3rd, Emma Martin 4th, and Jeff Goepferich, Jr 5th.

 The, ‘Monkey Man,’ Ron Hill has also been a force to reckon with, competing in the Pure Stocks. Hill had his hands full during the feature  with several drivers, including Blaine Younts, who started next to Hill on the front row. Wayne Brooke also hounded Hill during the feature event. Hill went straight for the lead early, with Younts in close pursuit, as well as Brooke. Rylee Fuller raced her way from her starting spot inside row five, and was soon in the lead pack. After a few caution flags, and the subsequent restarts, and challenges to the lead, Hill managed to keep everyone behind him, earning his 8th feature win of the year. Brooke finished 2nd, Younts 3rd, with Brandon Dixon 4th. Fuller, who was in an incident during the event, raced her way back again through the field to a 5th place finish.

Kyle Lewis and I-35 Speedway seem to be a match. During the racing season thus far, Lewis has only lost once during five visits by the POWRi Midwest Lightning Sprint Cars. The wins have not come easy, as one included a last lap, turn four pass on the outside of the Legend, Bobby Layne, to capture the victory. Lewis began outside row one, as the, ‘Young Gun,’ and the veteran put the fans on their feet for the feature. Layne began inside row three. As the race began, Lewis was soon in the lead. Layne wasted no time, and was zooming his way through the field on the apron of the corners, racing up right on the bumper of Lewis. Lap after lap, the pair went at it, with Layne looking low inside Lewis, and to the high side. Lewis was able to hold off Layne for his 4th trip to McCarthy Auto Group Winner’s Circle this year at I-35 Speedway. Tyler Johnson finished 3rd, with Tyler Miller 4th, and Kenny Bowers 5th.

 In the Midwest Limited Late Models, Tommy Cordray has been the driver to beat, but another driver would prove to be too fast, earning their first run to McCarthy Auto Group Winner’s circle this year at I-35 Speedway. Gregg Truelove began on the pole position, poised to capture his second feature win, but the other occupant of the front row, Bobby Penny, would have something to say about the outcome of the feature. Penny had shown a lot of speed in his racing machine the past few weeks, but without the result of a win. Cordray started outside row three, finding a tough path of drivers, including Darek Wiss, Michael Leal, Colton Leal, and Truelove. Penny found himself in the lead, as soon Cordray had raced up into second place. Cordray made several attempts to get by Penny, but to no avail. A few caution flag restarts also played into Cordray’s favor, but Penny found the horsepower he had shown in prior weeks, and kept Cordray in his rear view mirror, earning Penny his first run to McCarthy Auto Group Winner’s Circle this year at I-35 Speedway. Cordray finished 2nd, Gregg Truelove 3rd, Colton Leal 4th, and Cayden Campbell 5th.

 The Pure Stock I-35 Champion last year, David Miller III, and John Willard have consistently been finishing up front, as the battles between the pair rage on each week. Miller started on the pole, and raced to the lead as the feature began. Frank Reed, and Joesph Mick were running neck and neck, but Willard managed to race by the pair, running up right on the back bumper of the leader, Miller. Willard tried several times unsuccessfully to get by Miller, putting pressure on the leader. Miller was able to keep Willard behind him, earning his 4th win of the year At I-35 Speedway.

 A big field of USRA Out Pace Products B-Mods put on a thrilling race. Lucas Isaacs began inside row one, with Danan Knott to his outside. Ethan Isaacs started inside row two, next to veteran driver Randy Ainsworth, with Dillion McCowan and Jeremiah Asher in the third row. Doug Keller and last week’s feature winner, Chase Galvin  were in the 4th row, with many hungry drivers in the field as well.

Lucas Isaacs ran the lead early, with Knott, Asher, McCowan, Keller, Ainsworth, and Ethan Isaacs among the front pursuers. Ethan Isaacs challenged Knott for several laps before moving into second behind Lucas Isaacs. Ethan ran to the high side, but Lucas kept Ethan at bey. Lap after lap, the two put on an amazing display of driving, as did Knott, and Keller. Nic Hanes, who started outside row five, sliced and diced his way through the high speed traffic jam, finding himself near the leaders as well. Ethan’s pressure finally gave way, as he grabbed the hard fought battle for the lead. Lucas fought back valiantly, but the no avail, has Ethan Isaacs earned his first win of the year At I-35 Speedway, and the trip to McCarthy Auto Group Winner’s Circle. Lucas Isaacs finished 2nd, Danan Knott 3rd. Nic Hanes remarkable effort earned him a 4th place finish, with Doug Keller 5th.

 The American Racer Tires USRA Stock Cars always thrill the fans, and the night would prove no different. With Jaylen Wettengel and Sam Scott on the front row, the field took the green flag. Jeff Dixon, who started inside the second row next to Blake Peeler, found himself in a big battle. Just behind Dixon, at the start of the feature inside row three, was a determined Tim Shields. Both Dixon and Shields have tasted the sweetness of victory lane this year At I-35 Speedway. Wettengel fought hard, as did Scott, but soon Dixon and Shields raced to the front. The pair raced lap after lap, neck and neck for the front spot. The fans stood on the feet, as Dixon and Shields raced each other, with neither one giving an inch. Dixon held an advantage late, as Shields continued with heavy pressure. Dixon held on for his 4th win of the year thus far At I-35 Speedway, with Shields finishing 2nd, Blake Peeler 3rd, Wettengel 4th, and Kacey Shields 5th.

 The USRA Modifieds followed suit as well, never giving fans a chance to test out their seats. Last week’s feature winner, Darren Shaw, and last year’s I-35 Speedway USRA Modified Champion, Dennis Elliott started from the front row. Robbie Reed and Ed Noll were the occupants of row two, with Paden Phillips, and Houston Johnson in the third row. As the green flag flew, the epic battle ensued between Shaw and Elliott, as pair squared off lap after lap. Robbie Reed was close to the front as well, putting on a lot of pressure for the front spot. Elliott, who earned his way to a championship last year running the low side, near the apron on the track, has found the high side cushion to his liking this year. Elliott managed to race by Shaw for the front position, as Shaw and Reed were in Elliott’s mirror racing next to each in a fantastic battle. Elliott raced his way to his 3rd run to McCarthy Auto Group Winner’s Circle. Shaw finished 2nd, with Reed 3rd, Paden Phillips 4th, and Austin Johnson 5th. Zach Sanders, who started outside row eight, was dicing his way through the field, but ran out of time, finishing 6th.

 The final race of the night featured the Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racing Series. Jack Simmons, who stated inside row one, mashed the gas pedal down going into the first turn to the lead, and never let up, earning his way to McCarthy Auto Group Winner’s Circle. Andy Wiles and Ron Lefholtz were neck and neck for several laps. Wiles managed to finish in front of Lefholtz for 2nd, Lefholtz 3rd, Lonnie Farley 4th, and Mike Lefholtz 5th

 Next week, I-35 Speedway will host the previously rained out, Gary Davis Super 66 Stock Car, USRA Iron Man Special, with $3000 to the winner, $2000 for 2nd, and $1000 for 3rd. The Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series Out Pace Products B-Mods, USRA Modifies, will also be in hand, as will the E-Mods, Pure Stocks, MIdwest Limited Late Models, Sports Compacts, with a special appearance by the POWRi Sprint Cars, and the Show Me Vintage Racers.

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