New Winners and Familiar Faces Visit Victory Lane on Pro-Ag Night at the Races

(WINSTON, Mo.) – Dennis Elliott had graced victory lane six times before Pro Ag Night at the Races at I-35 Speedway. On Saturday night, he made it seven. This time though, he had to work for it after struggling in his heat race. Elliott tried some setup changes on his car in the heat and the car did not agree, as he went from the front row back to a fourth place heat finish. In the feature, Elliott found himself running the low lane with everyone else up top. He quickly started picking off one car at a time before finding himself in second behind leader Ryan Middaugh. Middaugh used the high lane to dominate the first half of the race but made one mistake when he jumped the cushion in turn four, allowing Elliott to take the lead. Elliott held off Middaugh as he charged back. Middaugh ran out of time and settled for second. Houston Johnson finished third, Shane Lawson fourth and Ronnie Woods fifth.

The USRA B-Modifieds filed their nomination for finish of the year as Lonnie Hibner held off Daniel Harris, Ed Noll and Chase Galvan to win his first race at I-35 Speedway this season. Hibner used a front row starting position to control the race early. Noll challenged Hibner early but faded mid-race allowing Harris into second. The race slowed for yellows a few times and on each restart Noll and Harris traded second and took their shots at Hibner. Hibner remained the leader as the white flag dropped. Harris got a run off turn two and looked low into three. Hibner drove low taking that line away as Harris switched to the top. Harris worked to the outside quarter panel Hibner and the two made contact off turn four. The two banged doors as Galvan worked to the outside of Noll and then had a run on both Harris and Hibner. Hibner won the race to the line as Galvan snuck in for second. Harris finished third, Noll fourth and Tyler Cadwallader finished fifth.

The USRA Stock Cars were the tame race of USRA action as Jeff Dixon dominated the caution free feature, winning his fifth race this season. Gerald Wahwahsuck tried to bring out the caution while running second, almost looping his machine in turn four. He hung on to the car but fell to third. William Dahl capitalized on the mistake to finish second. Corky Clew finished fourth and Mark Menard fifth.

The E-Modified race went caution free and saw another driver visit McCarthy Auto Group Winner’s Circle for the first time this season. At the midpoint of the race Justin Asher worked his way around Bobby Lopez, which ended up being the pass for the win. Lopez finished second, Gary Ainsworth third, John Ross fourth and Aaron Sauter fifth.

The Pure Stocks saw a close race go in favor of CJ Turner as he won his second feature at I-35 Speedway this season. Justin Adkins finished second, Beau Wells third, Anthony Hill fourth and Shawn Huston fifth.

The Sport Compact field mixed I-35 Speedway point contenders and travelers making their first trips to the speedway. Early on, John Willard battled Bobby Key for the lead. Key held the lead, when a lap or so before halfway Key fell off pace with a right front flat. Willard inherited the lead and eventual win, his ninth this season. Kris Foote, Dustin Grout and Timothy Hovick finished second, third and fourth in their first trips to I-35. David Miller III rounded out the top five.

Chad Fuller dominated the Grand National feature, winning his eighth race this season. Houston Johnson broke while challenging Fuller. After that, Fuller cruised to the win. John Hanson finished second, Chris Kline third, Dave Petty Jr. fourth and Jeb Hays fifth.

The Show-Me Vintage Racers welcomed another new winner this season to victory lane as Jeremy Turner held off Damon Clevenger for the win. Steve Hughes finished third, Mickey Fleetheart fourth and Rocky Rhodes fifth.

The Kid’s Power Wheels were also in action at the intermission break. In the six-volt class, Emma Myers took the win with Weston Romesburg second. The 12-volt class saw Jordyn Dixon take the win, with Hayden Romesburg second, Staley Rowland third, Ryley Wilson fourth and Weston Romesburg fifth.

I-35 Speedway Race Results 9-1-18

USRA Modifieds

Start   #       Finish  Full name        City/State      Points
7       29      1       Dennis Elliott  Mt. Ayr, Ia.    100
1       21      2       Ryan Middaugh   Fulton, Mo.     95   (Heat Race Winner)
4       97      3       Houston Johnson Kansas City, Mo.        91
6       17$     4       Shane Lawson    Stewartsville, Mo.      87
3       53R     5       Ronnie Woods    Mexico, Mo.     84   (Heat Race Winner)
8       38      6       Anthony Logston Hamilton, Mo.   81
9       2H      7       John Hanson     Stewartsville, Mo.      78
2       98      8       Austin Johnson  Kansas City, Mo.        76
5       85D     9       Mark Dotson     Cameron, Mo.    DQ

USRA Stock Cars

2       88      1       Jeff Dixon      Trenton, Mo.    100
3       40      2       William Dahl    Rush Hill, Mo.  95
1       11W     3       Gerald Wahwahsuck       Atchison, Ks.   91   (Heat Race Winner)
4       37C     4       Corky Clem      Huron, Ks.      87
5       19M     5       Mark Menard                          84
7       8Y      6       Rieli Yonts     Leavenworth, Ks.        81
6       67      7       Aaron Sauter    St. Joseph, Mo. DNS

USRA B-Modifieds

1       22L     1       Lonnie Hibner   Chillicothe, Mo.        100   (Heat Race Winner)
6       0       2       Chase Galvan    Kansas City, Ks.        95
4       07      3       Daniel Harris   Excelsior Springs, Mo.  91
2       15      4       Ed Noll Excelsior Springs, Mo.  87   (Heat Race Winner)
8       69      5       Tyler Cadwallader       Amazonia, Mo.   84
5       57      6       Randy Ainsworth Excelsior Springs, Mo.  81
3       16      7       Blake Pierce    Kansas City, Mo.        78
7       10H     8       Garrett Hill    New Hampton, Mo.        76
9       15XL    9       Jared Hillyard  Pleasant Valley, Mo.    74
11      2T      10      Todd Luke       St. Joseph, Mo. 72
10      5%      11      Hugh Eddy       Milar, Mo.      70
12      3Y      12      Blaine Yonts    Leavenworth, Ks.        68
13      117     13      Tim Galvan      Kansas City, Mo.        DNS


4       74      1       Justin Asher    Faucett, Mo.    100
1       1L      2       Bobby Lopez     Kansas City, Mo.        95   (Heat Race Winner)
3       14      3       Gary Don Ainsworth      Excelsior Springs, Mo.  91
5       64      4       John Ross       Kansas City, Mo.        87
2       8S      5       Aaron Sauter    St. Joseph, Mo. 84   (Heat Race Winner)
6       4M      6       Steven Makar    Basehor, Ks.    81
9       09      7       Shaunie Lanning Kansas City, Mo.        78
8       91J     8       Josh Adkins     Savannah, Mo.   76
7       15X     9       Corey Myers     Atchison, Ks.   74
10      50      10      Leroy Morrison  Raymore, Mo.    72
12      3       11      Lloyd Yonts                                   70
11      67      12      Brandon (bubba) Beam    St. Joseph, Mo. 68
13      12      13      Zac Keller      Stewartsville, Mo.      66
14      95S     14      A.J. Sayers       Chillicothe, Mo.        DNS

Pure Stocks

1       91      1       C.J Turner       Jamesport, Mo.  100   (Heat Race Winner)
3       15      2       Justin Adkins   St. Joseph, Mo. 95   (Heat Race Winner)
2       555     3       Beau Wells      Chillicothe, Mo.        91
7       124     4       Anthony Hill    Lathrop, Mo.    87
5       540     5       Shawn Huston    Jamesport, Mo.  84
8       49K     6       Conrad Kaufman                          81
4       72      7       Ron Hill        Turney, Mo.     78
10      M87     8       Mallory Stiffler                   76
6       17R     9       Rylee Fuller    Savannah, Mo.   74
9       19      10      Emily Turner                               72

Sport Compacts

3       1/2CR   1       John Willard    St. Joseph, Mo. 100
4       21      2       Kris Foote                                 95
8       10G     3       Dustin Grout    Prescott, Ia.   91
5       353     4       Timothy Hovick                       87
7       55      5       David Miller Iii        Saint Joseph, Mo.       84
14      69      6       Alvin Cooney    Mexico, Mo.     81
6       7T      7       Toby Teel       Hiawatha, Ks.   78
11      8P      8       Isaiah Penton   Huntsville, Mo. 76
13      7S      9       Scott Beagle    Everest, Ks.    74
10      81      10      Chris Lewis     St. Joseph, Mo. 72
12      7       11      Jason Teel      Hiawatha, Ks.   70
2       95      12      Steven Bunton   Saint Joseph, Mo.       68   (Heat Race Winner)
9       15      13      Joseph Mick     St. Joseph, Mo. 66
1       7X      14      Bobby Key       Corning, Ia.    64   (Heat Race Winner)

Grand Nationals

1       20      1       Chad Fuller     Savannah, Mo.   100   (Heat Race Winner)
6       2H      2       John Hanson     Stewartsville, Mo.      95
5       6       3       Chris Kline     Kearney, Mo.    91
3       62      4       Dave Petty Jr   St. Joseph, Mo. 87
4       99L     5       Jeb Hays        Stewartsville, Mo.      84
2       97      6       Houston Johnson Kansas City, Mo.        81

Show-Me Vintage Racers

4       11      1       Jeremy Turner   Pattonsburg, Mo.
10      6       2       Damon Clevenger Parkville, Mo.  (Heat Race Winner)
3       5       3       Steve Hughes     Lathrop, Mo.
5       7       4       Mickey Fleetheart       Odessa, Mo.
8       8       5       Rocky Rhodes    Independence, Mo.
7       6X      6       Daniel Clevenger
1       20      7       B.B. Tex Hamilton, Mo.
6       51      8       Allen Guthrie   Raymore, Mo.
9       1       9       Elmer Gurloff
2       24      10      Mike McDowell
11      55      11      Ray Hughes      Kansas City, Mo.    (Heat Race Winner)