I-35 Speedway Results 4-3-21

I-35 Press Release

Phillip Wilson-I-35 Speedway Announcer/P.R.

Dishong, Purdy, Willard, Davis, Issacs, Bouzek and Johnson soar to opening night checkers at I-35 Speedway on McCarthy Autogroup night!

Mother nature finally graced us with great weather as we got our opening night in on this Easter weekend. 115 cars checked into the pit area, the parking lot was lined with cars as far as the eye could see and boy were the fans treated to a great show!

The night started out with the E-Modifieds. “Rowdy” Chris Dishong kept working his way around Josh Marshall for the race lead but every time Dishong made the pass the yellow flag would be displayed. Finally, Dishong was able to make the pass stick and picked up feature win #1 on the young season. Coleman Browning gained 6 positions to finish 2nd,4th with Josh Marshall hung on to pick up the 3rd spot with veteran George Burnett finishing 4th and Chet Yates fifth. James “Bubba” Silkwood was the hard charger as he gained 11 positions in the race. Heat race winners were Chris Dishong, Josh Marshall, Brandon “Bubba” Beam and Derrick Mahoney. Adam Dunnwoodie won the B-Feature.

Next up was the 12 lap Pure Stock feature. Jeremy Purdy made the trip from Bedford, Ia and man was it a successful one for Purdy as he cashed in to take home the win. Purdy had a great side by side battle with Blake Peeler, who finished 2nd. Cody Ohrenberg gained 9 positions to finish 3rd and was the hard charger of the race. Conrad Kauffman would finish 4th with Rieli Yonts fifth. Heat winners were Darrion Mclaughlin, Blake Peeler and defending champ Brandon Dixon.

Sport Compacts were next to make their way on to the famed I-35 Speedway. Defending track champion and multi-time winner from 2020 John Willard picked up where he left off. Willard would outgun teammate David Miller to the checkers, Miller would finish 2nd. Brad Mick, Chris Lewis and Frand Reed would have a nice battle to round out the top 5. Hard charger of the race was Mikel Solberg gaining 6 spots. Heat race winners were David Miller, Owen Richards and John Willard.

Midwest Limited Late Models were next out and the 2020 track champion, multi time feature winner Kerry Davis picked up where he left off. Davis battled early with Paul Glendenning for the lead but eventually Davis pulled away to win his first race of 2021. Glendenning would finish 2nd, Tommy Cordray finished 3rd, Mike Taylor Jr would rebound from an earlier spin to finish 4th and Houston Johnson came home 5th. Heat winners were Tommy Cordray and Paul Glendenning. Hard charger of the race was Houston Johnson.

The USRA B-Mods were next and a stacked field of cars put on a show for the fans. Ethan Issacs found his way to victory lane as he battled the likes of Tyler Cadwallader and Shadren Turner. Cadwallader came home 2nd, Danan Knott was 3rd, Todd Luke with a good run ran 4th and Turner, who had taken the lead down the back straightaway went in turn 3 to hard, went over the bank and had to restart last finished 5th. Todd Luke gained 11 positions to pick up the hard charger of the race. Heat race winners were Tyler Cadwallader and Shadren Turner.

USRA Stock Cars were next out and Austin Bouzek took his front row starting spot and never looked back. Early on Bouzek battled with Kacey Shields but eventually Bouzek would pull away and win. Shields would finish 2nd, Jeff Dixon, who had a furious battle with Brad Derry and Blake Peeler would finish 3rd with Derry and Peeler close behind. Derry and Peeler both gained the same spots to be the hard chargers. Heat race winners were Kacey Shields and Austin Bouzek.

Last but not least the 20 lap USRA Modified feature took to the track and had a green to checker finish. Darren Shaw would lead early but as the laps ticked down the tires on the 11 machine would start to fade. Houston Johnson found his way around and captured his first win of 2021. Brother Austin Johnson followed him to the front to finish 2nd, Shaw would come home 3rd, Daniel Harris 4th and Ed Noll 5th. Houston and Austin would each gain 3 spots to pick up the hard charger. Darren Shaw won the heat race.

Media Results for 4/3/2021 at I-35 Speedway – Winston, MO

USRA Modifieds 9 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:07:39.717

  1. 97-Houston Johnson[4]; 2. 98-Austin Johnson[5]; 3. 11-Darren Shaw[1]; 4. 07-Daniel Harris[3]; 5. 15-Ed Noll[7]; 6. 8R-Chase Rudolf[2]; 7. 10-Johnny McGinnis[8]; 8. 31-David Coates[9]; 9. (DNS) 0-Richard Layne

Heat 1 | 00:02:57.909

  1. 11-Darren Shaw[2]; 2. 07-Daniel Harris[1]; 3. 8R-Chase Rudolf[6]; 4. 97-Houston Johnson[4]; 5. 98-Austin Johnson[5]; 6. 0-Richard Layne[8]; 7. 15-Ed Noll[7]; 8. 10-Johnny McGinnis[3]; 9. 31-David Coates[9]

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Media Results for 4/3/2021 at I-35 Speedway – Winston, MO

USRA B-Mods 18 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:16:31.980

  1. 66-Ethan Isaacs[4]; 2. 69ER-Tyler Cadwallader[2]; 3. 18K-Danan Knott[8]; 4. 2T-Todd Luke[15]; 5. 17T-Shadren Turner[3]; 6. 15P-Colin Pierce[7]; 7. 4M-Steven Makar[6]; 8. 56-Troy Whitt[1]; 9. 16-Blake Pierce[5]; 10. 20-Chad Fuller[10]; 11. 17R-Rylee Fuller[12]; 12. 26J-Jace Whitt[9]; 13. 47L-Jason Withrow[17]; 14. 15A-Allen Anders[13]; 15. 26-Mike Dullard[18]; 16. 94-Jared Hillyard[11]; 17. 15-Corey Myers[16]; 18. (DNS) 98-Elijah Hoyt

Heat 1 | 00:02:22.475

  1. 69ER-Tyler Cadwallader[1]; 2. 66-Ethan Isaacs[4]; 3. 16-Blake Pierce[2]; 4. 15P-Colin Pierce[6]; 5. 17R-Rylee Fuller[3]; 6. 20-Chad Fuller[9]; 7. 15A-Allen Anders[8]; 8. 2T-Todd Luke[7]; 9. 47L-Jason Withrow[5]

Heat 2 | 00:09:52.822

  1. 17T-Shadren Turner[1]; 2. 56-Troy Whitt[5]; 3. 4M-Steven Makar[3]; 4. 18K-Danan Knott[6]; 5. 26J-Jace Whitt[7]; 6. 94-Jared Hillyard[9]; 7. 98-Elijah Hoyt[2]; 8. 15-Corey Myers[8]; 9. (DNS) 26-Mike Dullard

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Media Results for 4/3/2021 at I-35 Speedway – Winston, MO

USRA Stock Cars 15 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:07:05.812

  1. 14B-Austin Bouzek[2]; 2. 42C-Kacey Shields[1]; 3. 88-Jeff Dixon[4]; 4. 37D-Brad Derry[6]; 5. 292-Blake Peeler[7]; 6. 72X-Chad Clancy[5]; 7. 21-Aaron Sauter[8]; 8. 46P-Tim Pruett[3]; 9. 13-Brandon Beam[11]; 10. 71-Travis Walker[9]; 11. 711-Jerry Liston Jr[12]; 12. 22-David Davis[10]; 13. 32K-Michael Knight[14]; 14. (DNS) 26M-Gary Myers; 15. (DNS) 1I-Jeff Rigsby

Heat 1 | 00:13:44.442

  1. 42C-Kacey Shields[1]; 2. 88-Jeff Dixon[3]; 3. 46P-Tim Pruett[8]; 4. 37D-Brad Derry[7]; 5. 22-David Davis[5]; 6. 13-Brandon Beam[2]; 7. 1I-Jeff Rigsby[4]; 8. (DNS) 26M-Gary Myers

Heat 2 | 00:02:27.098

  1. 14B-Austin Bouzek[1]; 2. 72X-Chad Clancy[2]; 3. 292-Blake Peeler[3]; 4. 21-Aaron Sauter[5]; 5. 71-Travis Walker[6]; 6. 711-Jerry Liston Jr[4]; 7. 32K-Michael Knight[7]

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Media Results for 4/3/2021 at I-35 Speedway – Winston, MO

Pure Stock 19 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:21:35.134

  1. 4-Jeremy Purdy[8]; 2. 26-Blake Peeler[3]; 3. 14-Cody Ohrenberg[12]; 4. 49K-Conrad Kaufman[2]; 5. 8Y-Rieli Yonts[6]; 6. 21F-Kris Foote[10]; 7. 3Y-Blaine Yonts[5]; 8. 77-Johnnie Price[13]; 9. 77G-Keaton Gorden[14]; 10. 21C-Travis Cavin[7]; 11. 323-Nicholas Bonnett[11]; 12. 3A-Ava Dixon[17]; 13. 48A-Conner Vest[19]; 14. 17RJ-Ryan Hinkle[15]; 15. 13D-Brian Peters[9]; 16. 3-Brandon Dixon[1]; 17. 38D-Darrion Mclaughlin[4]; 18. 79-James Johnson[16]; 19. 91-CJ Turner[18]

Heat 1 | 00:03:39.678

  1. 38D-Darrion Mclaughlin[1]; 2. 3Y-Blaine Yonts[4]; 3. 4-Jeremy Purdy[3]; 4. 14-Cody Ohrenberg[2]; 5. 77-Johnnie Price[6]; 6. 79-James Johnson[7]; 7. 48A-Conner Vest[5]

Heat 2 | 00:02:38.311

  1. 26-Blake Peeler[2]; 2. 8Y-Rieli Yonts[1]; 3. 21C-Travis Cavin[4]; 4. 21F-Kris Foote[6]; 5. 77G-Keaton Gorden[5]; 6. 3A-Ava Dixon[3]

Heat 3 | 00:05:01.757

  1. 3-Brandon Dixon[4]; 2. 49K-Conrad Kaufman[6]; 3. 13D-Brian Peters[1]; 4. 323-Nicholas Bonnett[5]; 5. 17RJ-Ryan Hinkle[3]; 6. 91-CJ Turner[2]

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Media Results for 4/3/2021 at I-35 Speedway – Winston, MO

Midwest Limited Late Models 10 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:13:35.066

  1. 24-Kerry Davis[2]; 2. 33-Paul Glendenning[1]; 3. 5-Tommy Cordray[3]; 4. 11T-Mike Taylor Jr[4]; 5. 97-Houston Johnson[8]; 6. 58-Terry Vantrump[6]; 7. 99K-Chris Kline[5]; 8. 19K-Michael King[7]; 9. (DNS) 65-Jon Binning; 10. (DNS) 58D-Terry Horn

Heat 1 | 00:05:43.248

  1. 5-Tommy Cordray[1]; 2. 24-Kerry Davis[5]; 3. 58-Terry Vantrump[2]; 4. 19K-Michael King[4]; 5. 97-Houston Johnson[3]

Heat 2 | 00:04:37.777

  1. 33-Paul Glendenning[3]; 2. 11T-Mike Taylor Jr[2]; 3. 99K-Chris Kline[4]; 4. (DNS) 65-Jon Binning; 5. (DNS) 58D-Terry Horn

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Media Results for 4/3/2021 at I-35 Speedway – Winston, MO

Economy Mods 26 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:25:48.244

  1. 54L-Chris Dishong[3]; 2. 21K-Coleman Browning[8]; 3. 55J-Josh Marshall[1]; 4. 23-George Burnett[6]; 5. 99C-Chet Yates[7]; 6. 411-Jaden Polley[2]; 7. 757-Jeff Eggleston[11]; 8. 15-Kody Parrott[12]; 9. 39S-James Silkwood[20]; 10. 65A-Mark Anderson[16]; 11. T15-Tim Parrott[18]; 12. 69-Tiffany Cadwallader[15]; 13. 35-Shane West[14]; 14. 95A-Chad Allen[13]; 15. 742-Brandon Beam[5]; 16. 33D-Adam Dunwoodie[17]; 17. 12-Andrew Thomas[19]; 18. 19-Derrick Mahoney[4]; 19. 6T-Michael Taylor III[10]; 20. (DNS) 25C-Casey Anderson

B Feature 1 | 00:07:59.599

  1. 33D-Adam Dunwoodie[9]; 2. T15-Tim Parrott[3]; 3. 12-Andrew Thomas[2]; 4. 39S-James Silkwood[1]; 5. 39M-Michael Silkwood[6]; 6. 21C-Ryan Thurman[8]; 7. 37C-Chance Brune[5]; 8. (DNS) 99T-Travis Bullimore; 9. (DNS) 68-Aaron Jones; 10. (DNS) 79-Leroy Raineyy

Heat 1 | 00:09:03.352

  1. 54L-Chris Dishong[2]; 2. 411-Jaden Polley[6]; 3. 15-Kody Parrott[1]; 4. 69-Tiffany Cadwallader[3]; 5. 12-Andrew Thomas[4]; 6. 68-Aaron Jones[5]; 7. (DNS) 79-Leroy Raineyy

Heat 2 | 00:03:06.722

  1. 55J-Josh Marshall[7]; 2. 25C-Casey Anderson[1]; 3. 21K-Coleman Browning[6]; 4. 65A-Mark Anderson[3]; 5. T15-Tim Parrott[4]; 6. 39M-Michael Silkwood[2]; 7. 21C-Ryan Thurman[5]

Heat 3 | 00:02:32.425

  1. 742-Brandon Beam[1]; 2. 23-George Burnett[4]; 3. 6T-Michael Taylor III[5]; 4. 95A-Chad Allen[6]; 5. 39S-James Silkwood[3]; 6. (DNS) 33D-Adam Dunwoodie

Heat 4 | 00:10:09.484

  1. 19-Derrick Mahoney[2]; 2. 99C-Chet Yates[3]; 3. 757-Jeff Eggleston[4]; 4. 35-Shane West[6]; 5. 99T-Travis Bullimore[5]; 6. 37C-Chance Brune[1]

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Media Results for 4/3/2021 at I-35 Speedway – Winston, MO

Sport Compact 19 Entries

A Feature 1

  1. 1/2-John Willard[2]; 2. 55-David Miller[1]; 3. 31-Brad Mick[7]; 4. 81-Chris Lewis[9]; 5. X-Frank Reed[3]; 6. 21M-Cullen Gossage[5]; 7. 14-Mikel Solberg[13]; 8. 18-Matt Buchanan[6]; 9. 69X-Owen Richards[4]; 10. 22L-Harold Robb Sr[10]; 11. 35-Chris Wright[12]; 12. 34K-Cody Knapp[15]; 13. 68J-Jonathan Buchanan[18]; 14. 92-Cody Robb[17]; 15. 31B-Brett Holman[11]; 16. 3XW-Jeromy Robb[19]; 17. 3R-Keegan Russell[16]; 18. 76-Brandon Hartman[8]; 19. 57-Clayton Portwood[14]

Heat 1

  1. 55-David Miller[5]; 2. X-Frank Reed[6]; 3. 76-Brandon Hartman[3]; 4. 22L-Harold Robb Sr[2]; 5. 14-Mikel Solberg[7]; 6. 3R-Keegan Russell[4]; 7. 3XW-Jeromy Robb[1]

Heat 2

  1. 69X-Owen Richards[2]; 2. 21M-Cullen Gossage[4]; 3. 31-Brad Mick[5]; 4. 31B-Brett Holman[3]; 5. 57-Clayton Portwood[1]; 6. 92-Cody Robb[6]

Heat 3

  1. 1/2-John Willard[3]; 2. 18-Matt Buchanan[2]; 3. 81-Chris Lewis[1]; 4. 35-Chris Wright[4]; 5. 34K-Cody Knapp[5]; 6. 68J-Jonathan Buchanan[6]

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