I-35 Speedway Race Recap – Taylor III, Kaufman, Schmidt, Willard, Cordray, Cadwallader, Bouzek and Bowers best competition at I-35 Speedway

I-35 Speedway

April 24th, 2021

By: Phillip Wilson

I-35 Speedway Announcer/P.R.


Taylor III, Kaufman, Schmidt, Willard, Cordray, Cadwallader, Bouzek and Bowers best competition at I-35 Speedway


123 cars jam packed the pits for Good Shephard Hospice night at I-35 Speedway and left the fans on the edge of their seat with some spectacular racing.


Michael Taylor III started outside the front row for his E-Modified A-Main and roared away from his competitors to pick up his first win in 2021, the second of his young racing career. Taylor had quite the competition on his back bumper but held tough to cash in on the win. Coleman Browning finished in the second position with Kody Parrott, Jeremiah Asher and Chet Yates close behind in the top 5. Coleman, Yates, Browning and Taylor III won the 4 heat races with George Burnett getting the hard charger.


Pure Stocks were out next and the race up front was one of the most thrilling of the night. Conrad Kaufman, Brandon Dixon and Blaine Yonts would trade the lead back and forth and put on a great race for the fans. When the smoke cleared Kaufman would reign supreme with a last lap pass. Dixon would finish second, Yonts third with Cody Ohrenberg and Travis Cavin fourth and fifth. Heat race winners were Kaufman, Yonts and Kris Foote. Rieli Yonts would gain 8 positions to be the hard charger.

The Show-Me Vintage were the guest class this week and they were determined to not be outdone. Dan Schmidt picked up the win, but it would not be easy as he had a lot of competition in his rear-view mirror, well if racecars had rear-view mirrors. Mike Johnson would start dead last and speed his way through the pack to finish second. Damon Clevenger, who had the most wins one year ago finished third, early leader Mickey Fleehart was fourth and Larry Waters fifth. Heat race winners were Daniel Schmidt and Clevenger. Mike Johnson gained 9 spots to be the hard charger.


John Willard made it 3 for 3 on the 2021 season as he won in the Sport Compacts. Devin Schmidt was hot on his heels at the end but would have to settle for second. Brad Mick came home third with Barry Luthi fourth and Brett Holman fifth. Masterson and Willard won the heat races and Holman was the hard charger.

The Midwest Limited Late Models were next up. Kerry Davis moved out to the early lead and in 2020 if Davis led early few could beat him. But this is 2021 so cue Tommy Cordray. Cordray moved past Davis at about the halfway point to pick up the win. Davis would hang on to finish second, Mike Taylor Jr. was in the mix early before he smacked the front stretch wall with the rear of the car would finish third, last week’s winner Paul Glendenning finished fourth and Houston Johnson was fifth. Cordray and Glendenning won the heat races and Darek Wiss was the hard charger.


The USRA B-Mods had a great race throughout the field. Tyler Cadwallader used patience and persistence to win his 2nd straight USRA B-Mod feature in 2021. Cadwallader followed then race leader Shadren Turner for much of the race and made his move to the point with a few laps to go. There were very few cautions in the race but a late one helped narrow the gap for Cadwallader. Turner finished second, Casey Burnett finished third with Chad Fuller and Lonnie Hibner completing the top 5. Turner, Fuller and Hibner won the heat races. Randy Smith Jr was a late replacement driver which means he started at the rear of the field and gained 11 spots to nab the hard charger.


Austin Bouzek came into last night having won both USRA Stock Car features here in 2021 and hoped to keep his streak alive. A flat tire in the heat would try to put a damper on that but Bouzek would be determined to get to the front. Bouzek maneuvered his way to the front to go from worst to first to win his third in a row. Doug Keller had a great battle with Jeff Dixon, but when the checkered flag waved Keller was second, Dixon third, Kasey Ayers in his first USRA Stock Car race finished fourth and Devin Stock was fifth. Dixon won the heat race with the hard charger going to Bouzek.


Steven Bowers Jr checked in to I-35 Speedway for the first time in 2021 and made it a successful visit in the USRA Modified feature. Bowers would start on the pole and pick up the win leading every lap. Dillon McCowen also visited the track for the first time this season would come home second. Tyler Hibner finished third, Daniel Harris fourth and Austin Johnson fifth. Bowers and Ed Noll won the heat races and Tyler Hibner was the hard charger.


Results for 4/24/2021 at I-35 Speedway – Winston, MO

USRA Modifieds 15 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:15:32.209

  1. 77-Steven Bowers Jr[1]; 2. 8-Dillon McCowan[5]; 3. 89-Tyler Hibner[10]; 4. 07-Daniel Harris[3]; 5. 98-Austin Johnson[4]; 6. 23-Adam Kates[6]; 7. 97-Houston Johnson[9]; 8. 15-Ed Noll[2]; 9. 92-Tyler Grooms[13]; 10. 99H-Lee Hibner[12]; 11. 20JR-Chase Rudolf[8]; 12. 11-Darren Shaw[7]; 13. 0-Richard Layne[11]; 14. 32-Cody Owens[14]; 15. 31-David Coates[15]

Heat 1 | 00:04:00.274

  1. 77-Steven Bowers Jr[3]; 2. 07-Daniel Harris[1]; 3. 11-Darren Shaw[4]; 4. 23-Adam Kates[8]; 5. 89-Tyler Hibner[5]; 6. 0-Richard Layne[6]; 7. 92-Tyler Grooms[7]; 8. 31-David Coates[2]

Heat 2 | 00:07:30.817

  1. 15-Ed Noll[1]; 2. 98-Austin Johnson[2]; 3. 8-Dillon McCowan[5]; 4. 20JR-Chase Rudolf[3]; 5. 97-Houston Johnson[7]; 6. 99H-Lee Hibner[4]; 7. 32-Cody Owens[6]

USRA Stock Cars 8 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:09:54.893

  1. 14B-Austin Bouzek[8]; 2. 7-Doug Keller[2]; 3. 88-Jeff Dixon[1]; 4. 18K-Kasey Ayres[5]; 5. 9S-Devin Stock[6]; 6. 32K-Michael Knight[7]; 7. 21-Madi Waterbury[4]; 8. 21A-Aaron Sauter[3]

Heat 1 | 00:05:19.377

  1. 88-Jeff Dixon[2]; 2. 7-Doug Keller[3]; 3. 21A-Aaron Sauter[5]; 4. 18K-Kasey Ayres[1]; 5. 21-Madi Waterbury[8]; 6. 9S-Devin Stock[6]; 7. 32K-Michael Knight[7]; 8. 14B-Austin Bouzek[4]

USRA B-Mods 20 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:18:19.025

  1. 69ER-Tyler Cadwallader[3]; 2. 17T-Shadren Turner[1]; 3. 23B-Casey Burnett[5]; 4. 20-Chad Fuller[2]; 5. 88H-Lonnie Hibner[4]; 6. 15A-Allen Anders[7]; 7. 15P-Colin Pierce[9]; 8. 26JR-Randy Smith Jr[19]; 9. 15-Corey Myers[8]; 10. 73T-Truman Asher[10]; 11. 74-Justin Asher[13]; 12. 94-Jared Hillyard[6]; 13. 12-Parker Smith[17]; 14. 16-Blake Pierce[16]; 15. 47L-Jason Withrow[18]; 16. 17R-Rylee Fuller[15]; 17. 22L-Matt Lent[14]; 18. 56-Troy Whitt[12]; 19. 91-Eddie Schwope[11]

Heat 1 | 00:04:30.887

  1. 17T-Shadren Turner[6]; 2. 69ER-Tyler Cadwallader[7]; 3. 15-Corey Myers[3]; 4. 91-Eddie Schwope[1]; 5. 56-Troy Whitt[4]; 6. 17R-Rylee Fuller[5]; 7. 47L-Jason Withrow[2]

Heat 2 | 00:08:10.427

  1. 20-Chad Fuller[5]; 2. 15A-Allen Anders[2]; 3. 94-Jared Hillyard[6]; 4. 26J-Jace Whitt[1]; 5. 74-Justin Asher[3]; 6. 16-Blake Pierce[4]

Heat 3 | 00:02:26.868

  1. 88H-Lonnie Hibner[1]; 2. 23B-Casey Burnett[3]; 3. 15P-Colin Pierce[2]; 4. 73T-Truman Asher[6]; 5. 22L-Matt Lent[4]; 6. 12-Parker Smith[5]

Pure Stock 17 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:07:25.313

  1. 49K-Conrad Kaufman[2]; 2. 3-Brandon Dixon[4]; 3. 3Y-Blaine Yonts[1]; 4. 14-Cody Ohrenberg[6]; 5. 21C-Travis Cavin[5]; 6. 38D-Darrion Mclaughlin[8]; 7. 8Y-Rieli Yonts[15]; 8. 13X-Colton Couch[10]; 9. 77-Johnnie Price[9]; 10. 21F-Kris Foote[3]; 11. 48A-Conner Vest[17]; 12. 323-Nicholas Bonnett[12]; 13. 17RJ-Ryan Hinkle[11]; 14. 53-Gracie Couch[7]; 15. 3A-Ava Dixon[13]; 16. (DNS) 13D-Brian Peters; 17. (DNS) 91-CJ Turner

Heat 1 | 00:03:24.751

  1. 49K-Conrad Kaufman[2]; 2. 3-Brandon Dixon[3]; 3. 38D-Darrion Mclaughlin[4]; 4. 13X-Colton Couch[5]; 5. 323-Nicholas Bonnett[6]; 6. (DNS) 8Y-Rieli Yonts

Heat 2 | 00:03:46.849

  1. 21F-Kris Foote[2]; 2. 21C-Travis Cavin[3]; 3. 77-Johnnie Price[4]; 4. 48A-Conner Vest[6]; 5. 3A-Ava Dixon[5]; 6. (DNS) 91-CJ Turner

Heat 3 | 00:04:36.974

  1. 3Y-Blaine Yonts[3]; 2. 14-Cody Ohrenberg[2]; 3. 53-Gracie Couch[5]; 4. 17RJ-Ryan Hinkle[4]; 5. 13D-Brian Peters[1]

Midwest Limited Late Models 11 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:15:02.847

  1. 5-Tommy Cordray[3]; 2. 24-Kerry Davis[1]; 3. 11T-Mike Taylor Jr[2]; 4. 33-Paul Glendenning[4]; 5. 97-Houston Johnson[7]; 6. 55D-Michael Dotson[5]; 7. 8D-Darek Wiss[10]; 8. 99K-Chris Kline[9]; 9. 24X-Cameron Cook[6]; 10. 50-Kayden Clatt[8]; 11. (DNS) 91-Eddie Schwope Jr

Heat 1 | 00:03:06.308

  1. 5-Tommy Cordray[1]; 2. 24-Kerry Davis[5]; 3. 55D-Michael Dotson[6]; 4. 97-Houston Johnson[2]; 5. 99K-Chris Kline[4]; 6. 8D-Darek Wiss[3]

Heat 2 | 00:05:06.812

  1. 33-Paul Glendenning[1]; 2. 11T-Mike Taylor Jr[5]; 3. 24X-Cameron Cook[4]; 4. 50-Kayden Clatt[3]; 5. (DNS) 91-Eddie Schwope Jr

Economy Mods 30 Entries

A Feature 1 | 00:21:05.384

  1. 6T-Michael Taylor III[2]; 2. 21K-Coleman Browning[1]; 3. 15-Kody Parrott[6]; 4. 37-Jeremiah Asher[5]; 5. 99C-Chet Yates[4]; 6. 23B-George Burnett[13]; 7. 54L-Chris Dishong[3]; 8. 39M-Michael Silkwood[7]; 9. 65A-Mark Anderson[10]; 10. 742-Brandon Beam[12]; 11. 23J-Jordan Clem[8]; 12. 39S-James Silkwood[19]; 13. 19-Derrick Mahoney[20]; 14. 33D-Adam Dunwoodie[17]; 15. 21C-Ryan Thurman[15]; 16. 0B-Blake Bland[18]; 17. 37C-Chance Brune[14]; 18. 56R-Kenny Reed[16]; 19. 07R-Kevin Rash[11]; 20. (DNS) T15-Tim Parrott

B Feature 1 | 00:20:23.526

  1. 33D-Adam Dunwoodie[7]; 2. 0B-Blake Bland[11]; 3. 39S-James Silkwood[1]; 4. 19-Derrick Mahoney[12]; 5. 95A-Chad Allen[4]; 6. 10 4-Rodney Rash[14]; 7. 35-Shane West[3]; 8. 9P-Christian Pease[5]; 9. 99T-Travis Bullimore[9]; 10. 12-Andrew Thomas[6]; 11. 31-Jeremy Pittsenbarger[2]; 12. 59R-Logan Rash[8]; 13. 69-Tiffany Cadwallader[13]; 14. 88-Alex Dunwoodie[10]

Heat 1 | 00:00:37.867

  1. 15-Kody Parrott[1]; 2. 37-Jeremiah Asher[5]; 3. 07R-Kevin Rash[3]; 4. 39S-James Silkwood[4]; 5. 31-Jeremy Pittsenbarger[7]; 6. 33D-Adam Dunwoodie[2]; 7. 99T-Travis Bullimore[8]; 8. (DNS) 10 4-Rodney Rash

Heat 2 | 00:03:06.599

  1. 99C-Chet Yates[2]; 2. 39M-Michael Silkwood[4]; 3. 742-Brandon Beam[3]; 4. 56R-Kenny Reed[5]; 5. 21C-Ryan Thurman[8]; 6. 9P-Christian Pease[1]; 7. 19-Derrick Mahoney[6]; 8. 69-Tiffany Cadwallader[7]

Heat 3 | 00:03:51.726

  1. 21K-Coleman Browning[7]; 2. 54L-Chris Dishong[6]; 3. 23B-George Burnett[2]; 4. 65A-Mark Anderson[3]; 5. 95A-Chad Allen[5]; 6. 12-Andrew Thomas[1]; 7. 88-Alex Dunwoodie[4]

Heat 4 | 00:05:19.402

  1. 6T-Michael Taylor III[4]; 2. T15-Tim Parrott[2]; 3. 23J-Jordan Clem[7]; 4. 37C-Chance Brune[6]; 5. 35-Shane West[1]; 6. 59R-Logan Rash[3]; 7. 0B-Blake Bland[5]

Sport Compact 12 Entries

A Feature 1

  1. 1/2-John Willard[1]; 2. 33D-Devin Schmidt[5]; 3. 31-Brad Mick[2]; 4. 66B-Barry Luthi[7]; 5. 31B-Brett Holman[10]; 6. 16-Curtis Masterson[3]; 7. 81-Chris Lewis[8]; 8. 22L-Harold Robb Sr[6]; 9. 14-Mikel Solberg[4]; 10. 3XW-Jeromy Robb[12]; 11. 2-Robert Chase[9]; 12. 35-Chris Wright[11]

Heat 1

  1. 16-Curtis Masterson[1]; 2. 31-Brad Mick[5]; 3. 22L-Harold Robb Sr[2]; 4. 66B-Barry Luthi[6]; 5. 2-Robert Chase[3]; 6. 35-Chris Wright[4]

Heat 2

  1. 1/2-John Willard[6]; 2. 14-Mikel Solberg[2]; 3. 33D-Devin Schmidt[4]; 4. 81-Chris Lewis[1]; 5. 31B-Brett Holman[5]; 6. 3XW-Jeromy Robb[3]

Show Me 11 Entries

A Feature 1

  1. 08-Dan Schmidt[3]; 2. 98-Michael Johnson[11]; 3. 6-Damon Clevenger[9]; 4. 7-Mickey Fleehart[2]; 5. 00-Larry Waters[8]; 6. 45-Daniel Schmidt[6]; 7. 31-Steve Rock[5]; 8. 99-Jim Thorne[10]; 9. 8-Rocky Rhodes[1]; 10. 2-Jeff Siler[7]; 11. 1A-Rodney Ashworth[4]

Heat 1

  1. 45-Daniel Schmidt[3]; 2. 31-Steve Rock[1]; 3. 7-Mickey Fleehart[4]; 4. 2-Jeff Siler[5]; 5. 98-Michael Johnson[6]; 6. 99-Jim Thorne[2]

Heat 2

  1. 6-Damon Clevenger[4]; 2. 8-Rocky Rhodes[1]; 3. 08-Dan Schmidt[5]; 4. 1A-Rodney Ashworth[3]; 5. 00-Larry Waters[2]
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