Elliott, Dixon, Galvan and Stockton All Victorious on Trenton Coca-Cola Night at the Races

(WINSTON, Mo.) – After five weeks of tough racing with the Smokin’ Hot Summer Series, I-35 Speedway settled back into the normal weekly routine. Yellows plagued the USRA Modified feature from start to finish, but that did not keep the drivers from producing late race drama. Dennis Elliott took the lead after a three wide move into turn one on the opening lap. Houston Johnson and Isaac Dotson then began a battle for second. Johnson won that battle bringing Mark Dotson with him. Dotson looked to make the move on Johnson in turn three and threw a slider, clearing him. Johnson played it smart, checked up and darted back under Dotson. The next lap into three Dotson tried another slider, this time with too much speed and slipped over the berm forcing him back to sixth. With the aid of several more cautions Dotson found himself back in second. Working the bottom, Dotson took the lead with a few laps to go. As Dotson headed into one for the final time, the car fell off the pace and Elliott shot back around to pick up his fifth win this season. Darren Shaw charged late to finish second. Houston Johnson finished third, Tyler Hibner fourth and Shane Lawson fifth.

The USRA B-Modified race saw front row starters Jayden Bears and Tim Galvan make slight contact that resulted in a Bears spin. Most of the field avoided the spinning Bears and then tried to get the race started a second time. On the restart, Lonnie Hibner jumped out front, while Chase Galvan found some holes and worked to second. Hibner made a mistake on lap two, allowing Chase Galvan to take the lead. The rest of the field never saw the 0 car again as Galvan made his third trip to McCarthy Auto Group Winner’s Circle. Daniel Harris drove a solid race to finish second. Tim Galvan finished third, while Ethan Isaacs charged from a 13th place starting position to finish fourth. Hibner rounded out the top five.

Jeff Dixon lead the entire USRA Stock Car feature, although Austin O’Neal made him work for it. O’Neal showed his nose several times but could not make a pass stick and had to settle for second. A couple more laps may have been enough for O’Neal but Dixon held on for his fourth win this season. Aaron Sauter finished third, Gene Stigall fourth and William Dahl fifth.

A big field of 16 E-Modifieds quickly realized they were all racing for second on this night. Ben Stockton handled each restart with ease and won the race without challenge. Steven Makar finished second, while two drivers looking ready to pick-up up their first wins in the coming weeks in John Ross and Charlie Browne finished third and fourth respectively. Jeremy Curless rounded out the top five.

The Pure Stock finish arguably goes to the top of the finish of the year conversation. Leading the race after taking the lead early, Brad Sheetz worked the top side of the racetrack, while Cody King ran in his tire tracks. Late in the race, King started diamonding the corners and could drive to the inside of Sheetz off turn two. Although, King could not make it stick in turn three. On the final lap, King got to the inside of Sheetz and drove deep into turn three. King slid up in front of Sheetz and the two made contact. The two rubbed for a while before Sheetz cut under King and completed the crossover to win the race. King finished second, Ron Hill third, Anthony Hill fourth and Kerry Ayers fifth.

John Willard has dominated the Sport Compacts as of late and tonight that story continued as he won his seventh race this season. David Miller III challenged Willard early but faded late for a solid second. Dave Petty Jr. finished third, Steven Bunton fourth and Joseph Mick fifth, which completed a top five of cars all rolling out of the same shop.

Chad Fuller put in a dominating performance to win his seventh Grand National race of the season. Colton Leal finished second, Houston Johnson third, Travis Walker fourth and John Hanson fifth.

The Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers produced a wild race as Lonnie Farley held off Ron Lefholz for the win. At the midway point of the race, the two made contact and Farley bicycled his car, but kept it straight and kept the lead. Once everyone figured out the caution was not out the race settled into a rhythm with Farley winning, Lefholz second, Dennis Fair third, Jack Larson fourth and Bob Werkmeister fifth.

The Midwest Lightning Sprints race saw Bobby Layne pick up another win. Jeff Bard finished second, Tyler Johnson third, Tyler Murray fourth and Blayne Murray fifth.

The Power Wheels also saw action during intermission. The six volt class found Jameson Nekuda in victory lane, standing on top of his car in his fire suit and helmet, fists raised. Weston Romesburg, Kilynn Sayers, Carter Sayers and Emma Myers finished behind him. The 12-volt class saw Hayden Romesburg avoid an early three racer pile up on the way to the win. Bentley Hicks, Jordyn Dixon, Bristol Hicks, Ryley Wilson and Weston Romesburg rounded


I-35 Speedway Race Results 8-19-18


USRA Modifieds

Start # Finish Full name City/State
3 29 1 Dennis Elliott Mt. Ayr, Ia.
9 11 2 Darren Shaw Lawson, Mo.
1 97 3 Houston Johnson Kansas City, Mo.
5 89 4 Tyler Hibner Chillicothe, Mo.
7 17$ 5 Shane Lawson Stewartsville, Mo.
12 98 6 Austin Johnson Kansas City, Mo.
6 96 7 Danny Barker Kansas City, Ks.
11 2H 8 John Hanson Stewartsville, Mo.
4 85D 9 Mark Dotson Cameron, Mo.
2 67D 10 Isaac Dotson Trimble, Mo.
10 38 11 Anthony Logston Hamilton, Mo.
13 31 12 David Coates Bethany, Mo.
8 20T 13 Yancy Shepard Edgerton, Mo.
14 13 14 Chris Mercer Excelsior Springs, Mo.


USRA B-Modifieds

4 0 1 Chase Galvan Kansas City, Ks. 100
5 07 2 Daniel Harris Excelsior Springs, Mo. 95
2 117 3 Tim Galvan Kansas City, Mo. 91
13 66 4 Ethan Isaacs Bonner Springs, Ks. 87
3 22L 5 Lonnie Hibner Chillicothe, Mo. 84
7 15 6 Ed Noll Excelsior Springs, Mo. 81
16 52M 7 Dustin Miller Pattonsburg, Mo. 78
8 32P 8 Jeremy Pittsenbarger Cameron, Mo. 76
6 57 9 Randy Ainsworth Excelsior Springs, Mo. 74
14 18 10 Colton Leal Yutan, Ne. 72
9 15XL 11 Jared Hillyard Pleasant Valley, Mo. 70
15 48 12 Shawn Grady Lathrop, Mo. 68
12 5% 13 Hugh Eddy Milar, Mo. 66
10 9 14 Colton Pace 64
18 77X 15 Shane Noble Savannah, Mo. 62
17 14H 16 Blake Hayes Albany, Mo. 60
11 17X 17 Clint Baker Meadville, Mo. 58
19 3D 18 Jonathon Barnett St Joseph, Mo. 56
1 20T 19 Jayden Bears Smithville, Mo. 55


USRA Stock Cars

1 88 1 Jeff Dixon Trenton, Mo. 100
3 11 2 Austin O’Neal Kearney, Mo. 95
2 67 3 Aaron Sauter St. Joseph, Mo. 91
4 S20 4 Gene Stigall Winston, Mo. 87
5 40 5 William Dahl Rush Hill, Mo. 84
6 8Y 6 Rieli Yonts Leavenworth, Ks. 81



1 33S 1 Ben Stockton Kansas City, Mo. 100
2 4M 2 Steven Makar Basehor, Ks. 95
7 64 3 John Ross Kansas City, Mo. 91
3 CB3 4 Charlie Browne Leavenworth, Ks. 87
11 33 5 Jeremy Curless Grain Valley, Mo. 84
8 15X 6 Corey Myers Atchison, Ks. 81
5 07X 7 Adam Schelert Leavenworth, Ks. 78
12 1L 8 Bobby Lopez Kansas City, Mo. 76
6 50 9 Leroy Morrison Raymore, Mo. 74
15 7D 10 Drystin Dotson Trimble, Mo. 72
14 124 11 Anthony Hill Lathrop, Mo. 70
4 14 12 Gary Don Ainsworth Excelsior Springs, Mo. 68
16 99 13 Sarah Martin 66
13 33M 14 Matthew Stotts Bolckow, Mo. 64
10 95S 15 AJ Sayers Chillicothe, Mo. 62
9 8S 16 Caleb Pugh Cameron, Mo. 60


Pure Stocks

3 27 1 Brad Sheetz Winston, Mo. 100
1 29 2 Cody King Jamesport, Mo. 95
5 72 3 Ron Hill Turney, Mo. 91
4 124 4 Anthony Hill Lathrop, Mo. 87
8 99A 5 Kerry Ayers Gladstone, Mo. 84
7 37 6 Lane Chew Cummings, Ks. 81
10 23 7 Jason Carney Lathrop, Mo. 78
11 16 8 Matthew Matsukevich 76
9 17R 9 Rylee Fuller Savannah, Mo. 74
2 555 10 Beau Wells Chillicothe, Mo. 72
6 11S 11 Tyler Starmer New Hampton, Mo. 45


Sport Compacts

1 1/2CR 1 John Willard St. Joseph, Mo. 100
3 55 2 David Miller Iii Saint Joseph, Mo. 95
4 6 3 Dave Petty Jr St. Joseph, Mo. 91
5 95 4 Steven Bunton Saint Joseph, Mo. 87
2 15 5 Joseph Mick St. Joseph, Mo. 84
7 69 6 Alvin Cooney Mexico, Mo. 81
8 8P 7 Isaiah Penton Huntsville, Mo. 78
6 7 8 Jason Teel Hiawatha, Ks. 76
9 7S 9 Scott Beagle Everest, Ks. 74


Grand Nationals

1 20 1 Chad Fuller Savannah, Mo. 100
2 13JR 2 Colton Leal Yutan, Ne. 95
3 97 3 Houston Johnson Kansas City, Mo. 91
6 71 4 Travis Walker Cameron, Mo. 87
8 2H 5 John Hanson Stewartsville, Mo. 84
5 99J 6 Billie Hoover Stewartsville, Mo. 81
4 6 7 Chris Kline Kearney, Mo. 78
7 13 8 Michael Leal Pacific Junction, Ia. 76


Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers

1 44X 1 Lonnie Farley Stewartsville, Mo.
6 20L 2 Ron Lefholz
2 7f 3 Dennis Fair Manhattan, Ks.
5 77 4 Jack Larson
7 32W 5 Bob Werkmeister
8 62 6 Dave Petty Sr
9 XX 7 Steve Tanner
4 53 8 Andy Wiles Erie, Ks.
3 J2 9 Jack Simmons Erie, Ks.


Midwest Lightning Sprints

2 01 1 Bobby Layne Kansas City, Mo.
3 71 2 Jeff Bard
4 7 3 Tyler Johnson
5 5 4 Tyler Murrey
6 4M 5 Blayne Murray
1 51 6 Mark Billings
7 85 7 Ken Billings Kansas City, Mo.