Cool Night Delivers Hot Racing Action At I-35 Speedway

(Winston, Missouri)

Cool Night Delivers Hot Racing Action At I-35 Speedway

The temperature may have been a bit lower than normal Saturday night, but the racing was hot as usual At I-35 Speedway.

The E-mods began the features for Tompkins Industries Night At The Races. Matt Dorssom, last week’s feature winner, started outside row one, next to Justin Asher. At the drop of the green flag, Dorssom was not to be denied, and out of turn two on the first lap took the lead. Dorssom held off a hard charging Shaunie Lanning for the win.

The Show Me Vintage Racers put on an amazing show during their first visit to I-35 Speedway for the 2019 season. Larry Holler, and Damon Clevenger exchanged the lead lap after lap. Holler was able to get by Clevenger for the victory as the checkered flag flew.

In the Pure Stock feature, Beau Wells started on the pole, and was fending off Luke Ramsey, and Ron Hill. As the field raced on, Ramsey passed Wells for the lead, and eventual win, with Wells second, and Ron Hill in third.

Tommy Cordray was hoping to repeat his trip to McCarthy Auto Group Winner’s Circle. Cordray started inside row one. Jon Melloway hounded Cordray, as did Eddie Schwope. Schwope had some difficulty, going off the banking. Like a man on a mission, Schwope restarted at the back of the field, clawing his way through the pack. Cordray took the checkered flag first, making it two wins in a row, with Melloway, Schwope, Houston Johnson, and Greg Truelove, the top five finishers.

Richard McCaulley lined up next to John Willard on the front row for the start of the Sport Compact feature. The pair ran up front side by side, as Chris Vannadle, David Miller, and Denny Berghahn ran side-by-side, threading their way through the field. Near the halfway point of the race, Willard pulled to the high side at the middle of the backstretch, slowing dramatically. Amazingly, Willard scampered off the turn three banking, just as a hungry pack of cars raced into turn three, barely missing the 1/2CR car of Willard. Berghahn kept the top spot, holding off Miller, McCaulley, and Vannandle for the win.

The USRA Out Pace B-Mods rolled out on the track, with Danan Knott on the poll. Knott, who had been so close to capturing his first career USRA Out Pace B-Mod victory in the past, was in hopes of breaking into the win column. With Blake Pierce to his outside, Knott didn’t wast anytime moving to the lead, as Pierce drifted high off of turn two, with Tyler Cadwallader, Ty Griffith, Nic Hanes, Taylor Skauge, and last week’s feature winner, Shadren Turner all battling for the win. Dakota Foster started inside row ten, but was winding his way quickly through the pack toward the front, as was Chase Galvin, who started just in front of Foster. Skauge was side-by-side with Knott, but Knott managed to race into victory lane, scoring his first career win in the USRA Out Pace B-Mods, with Skauge, Turner, Foster, Pierce, and Galvan rounding out the top six finishers.

Tim Shields started on the pole with Austin O’Neal on the front row for the USRA American Racers Stock Car feature. In row two, Thomas Ground, and Gerald Wahwahsuck lined up, with Jaylen Wettengel, and last week’s feature winner, and 2018 I-35 Track Champion, Jeff Dixon in row three. Everyone was hungry for the win at the drop of the green flag. Shields raced to the lead early, running up front for several laps, when he suddenly slipped up high out of turn two racing on the cushion. He slowed, losing grip on the track. The field raced by, as Wettengel and Wahwahsuck dueled for the lead. Wahwahsuck drifted out of the groove. Dixon raced up to the front, taking the lead and the win, his second in a row. Shields finished second, with Wettengel, Aaron Sauter, and Nick Whalen finishing out the top five.

When Dennis Elliott starts on the pole, USRA Modified drivers know they will have their work cut out for them to get to victory lane. Robbie Reed started next to Elliott. As the green flag flew, the race was on between the pair. Elliot ran low, Reed on the high side. In close pursuit in third, USRA 2018 Champion Darron Fuqua was trying to find a way around Reed and Elliott. Just after the halfway point of the feature, Reed ran low going into turn one, spooning his way inside Elliott. Unable to hold the speed, the pair drifted high into the apex of turn one, with Elliot running out of ground, sliding off the turn two berm. Elliott kept his foot in the gas, racing back, but finding himself in fourth. Fuqua, seeing his chance, raced inside and took the lead. Fuqua held off Reed for the victory, with Paden Phillips, Dennis Elliott, and Austin Johnson rounding out the top five finishers.

Next Saturday, I-35 Speedway Will host, Rod End Supply Night At The Races, with a special visit from the Midwest Lightning Sprint Car Series

I-35 Speedway, Your Home for Dirt Track Racing At Its Best!

Race Results From I-35 Speedway Tompkins Industries Night at The Races

 I-35 Speedway 
 A Mods A-Feature 
 Week 2 2019 
1Darron FuquaMayetta, Ks.
2Robbie ReedMexico City, Mo.
3Paden PhillipsChanute, Ks.
4Dennis ElliottMt. Ayr, Ia.
5Austin JohnsonKansas City, Mo.
6Nic BidingerPerry, Ks.
7Tyler HibnerChillicothe, Mo.
8Dustin HodgesCentralia, Mo.
9Lee HibnerChillicothe, Mo.
10Derrick HicksRavenwood, Mo.
11Paul NiznikMedford, Wi.
12Sam FlorenceLathrop, Mo.
13Houston JohnsonKansas City, Mo.
14Manlee LamarPolo, Mo.
15Cole MooreKansas City, Mo.
16Ed NollExcelsior Springs, Mo.
 A Mods Heat 
1Darron FuquaMayetta, Ks.
2Paden PhillipsChanute, Ks.
3Austin JohnsonKansas City, Mo.
4Paul NiznikMedford, Wi.
5Dustin HodgesCentralia, Mo.
6Sam FlorenceLathrop, Mo.
7Ed NollExcelsior Springs, Mo.
8Lee HibnerChillicothe, Mo.
1Dennis ElliottMt. Ayr, Ia.
2Robbie ReedMexico City, Mo.
3Derrick HicksRavenwood, Mo.
4Tyler HibnerChillicothe, Mo.
5Nic BidingerPerry, Ks.
6Manlee LamarPolo, Mo.
7Houston JohnsonKansas City, Mo.
8Cole MooreKansas City, Mo.
 I-35 Speedway 
 B Mods A-Feature 
 Week 2 2019 
1Danan KnottCoffey, Mo.
2Taylor Skauge 
3Shadren TurnerSt. Joseph, Mo.
4Dakota FosterEdgerton, Ks.
5Blake PierceKansas City, Mo.
6Chase GalvanKansas City, Ks.
7Tyler CadwalladerAmazonia, Mo.
8Austin CharlesBasehor, Ks.
9Lonnie HibnerChillicothe, Mo.
10Eddie Schwope, JrSt. Joseph, Mo.
11Randy AinsworthExcelsior Springs, Mo.
12Nic HanesTrenton, Mo.
13Blake HayesAlbany, Mo.
14Andrew SheetzTina, Mo.
15Daniel HarrisExcelsior Springs, Mo.
16Jared HillyardPleasant Valley, Mo.
17Ty GriffithWebster City, Ia.
18Jonathan BarnettSt Joseph, Mo.
19Matthew Lent 
20Trenton Butler 
 B Mods Heat 
1Danan KnottCoffey, Mo.
2Daniel HarrisExcelsior Springs, Mo.
3Shadren TurnerSt. Joseph, Mo.
4Randy AinsworthExcelsior Springs, Mo.
5Jonathan BarnettSt Joseph, Mo.
6Blake HayesAlbany, Mo.
7Dakota FosterEdgerton, Ks.
1Ty GriffithWebster City, Ia.
2Blake PierceKansas City, Mo.
3Lonnie HibnerChillicothe, Mo.
4Matthew Lent 
5Austin CharlesBasehor, Ks.
6Andrew SheetzTina, Mo.
7Jared HillyardPleasant Valley, Mo.
1Nic HanesTrenton, Mo.
2Tyler CadwalladerAmazonia, Mo.
3Taylor Skauge 
4Eddie Schwope, JrSt. Joseph, Mo.
5Trenton Butler 
6Chase GalvanKansas City, Ks.
 I-35 Speedway 
 E-Mod A-Feature 
 Week 2 2019 
1Matt DorssomLancaster, Ks.
2Shaunie LanningKansas City, Mo.
3Justin AsherFaucett, Mo.
4Jeremy CurlessGrain Valley, Mo.
5Steven MakarBasehor, Ks.
6Gary Don AinsworthExcelsior Springs, Mo.
7Leroy MorrisonRaymore, Mo.
8Kody ParrottNew Market, Ia.
9Krew WalburnEmporia, Ks.
10Justin Mitchell 
11John RossIndependence, Mo.
12Justin BellEdwardsville, Ks.
13Brandon (bubba) BeamSt. Joseph, Mo.
14Dj BarnesRaymore, Mo.
15Jared Weidmann 
 E-Mod Heat 
1Gary Don AinsworthExcelsior Springs, Mo.
2Brandon (bubba) BeamSt. Joseph, Mo.
3Kody ParrottNew Market, Ia.
4Shaunie LanningKansas City, Mo.
5Justin Mitchell 
6Justin BellEdwardsville, Ks.
7John RossIndependence, Mo.
1Justin AsherFaucett, Mo.
2Matt DorssomLancaster, Ks.
3Leroy MorrisonRaymore, Mo.
4Jeremy CurlessGrain Valley, Mo.
5Steven MakarBasehor, Ks.
6Jared Weidmann 
7Dj BarnesRaymore, Mo.
 I-35 Speedway 
 Midwest Limited Late Model A-Feature 
 Week 2 2019 
1Tommy CordrayBrowning, Mo.
2Jon MellowayHallsville, Mo.
3Eddie Schwope, JrSt. Joseph, Mo.
4Houston JohnsonKansas City, Mo.
5Greg TrueloveLiberty, Mo.
6Darek Wiss 
7Cayden Campbell 
8Michael KingSt Joseph, Mo.
9Aaron MarrantRichmond, Mo.
 Midwest Limited Late Model Heat 
1Jon MellowayHallsville, Mo.
2Tommy CordrayBrowning, Mo.
3Aaron MarrantRichmond, Mo.
4Eddie Schwope, JrSt. Joseph, Mo.
5Houston JohnsonKansas City, Mo.
1Greg TrueloveLiberty, Mo.
2Cayden Campbell 
3Michael KingSt Joseph, Mo.
4Darek Wiss 
 I-35 Speedway 
 Pure Stock A-Feature 
 Week 2 2019 
1Luke Ramsey 
2Beau WellsChillicothe, Mo.
3Ron HillTurney, Mo.
4Wayne Brooke 
5Jason CarneyLathrop, Mo.
6Rylee FullerSavannah, Mo.
7Ryan ThurmanPattonsburg, Mo.
8Brent Ricker 
9Brandon DixonSt. Joseph, Mo.
10Albert CurtisStover, Mo.
 Pure Stock Heat 
1Ron HillTurney, Mo.
2Luke Ramsey 
3Brent Ricker 
4Wayne Brooke 
5Rylee FullerSavannah, Mo.
1Beau WellsChillicothe, Mo.
2Jason CarneyLathrop, Mo.
3Brandon DixonSt. Joseph, Mo.
4Ryan ThurmanPattonsburg, Mo.
5Albert CurtisStover, Mo.
 I-35 Speedway 
 Show Me Vintage A-Feature 
 Week 2 2019 
1Leroy Holler 
2Damon ClevengerParkville, Mo.
3Mickey FleetheartOdessa, Mo.
4Jeremy TurnerPattonsburg, Mo.
5Steve Rock 
6Doran Clevenger 
7Steve HughsLathrop, Mo.
8Rocky RhodesIndependence, Mo.
9David BaldwinRaymore, Mo.
10Elmer Fudd 
 Show Me Vintage Heat 
1Leroy Holler 
2Rocky RhodesIndependence, Mo.
3Doran Clevenger 
4David BaldwinRaymore, Mo.
5Elmer Fudd 
1Jeremy TurnerPattonsburg, Mo.
2Damon ClevengerParkville, Mo.
3Steve HughsLathrop, Mo.
4Mickey FleetheartOdessa, Mo.
5Steve Rock 
 I-35 Speedway 
 Sport Compact A-Feature 
 Week 2 2019 
1Denny Berghahn 
2David Miller IiiSaint Joseph, Mo.
3Richard McCaulley 
4Chris Vannandle 
5Franklin ReedSt Joseph, Mo.
6Cody Munkers 
7Matt BarnettMexico, Mo.
8Isaiah PentonHuntsville, Mo.
9Chris LewisSt. Joseph, Mo.
10Alvin CooneyMexico, Mo.
11Corey Darnold 
12John WillardSt. Joseph, Mo.
13Dustin GroutPrescott, Ia.
14Wayne Haidsiak Ii 
15Bubba Brown 
16Joseph MickSt. Joseph, Mo.
17Bradley YontsLeavenworth, Ks.
18Sam Tattersall 
 Sport Compact Heat 
1John WillardSt. Joseph, Mo.
2Isaiah PentonHuntsville, Mo.
3Chris LewisSt. Joseph, Mo.
4Matt BarnettMexico, Mo.
5Bubba Brown 
6Sam Tattersall 
1Richard McCaulley 
2Dustin GroutPrescott, Ia.
3Cody Munkers 
4Wayne Haidsiak Ii 
5Alvin CooneyMexico, Mo.
6Corey Darnold 
1Denny Berghahn 
2David Miller IiiSaint Joseph, Mo.
3Chris Vannandle 
4Joseph MickSt. Joseph, Mo.
5Franklin ReedSt Joseph, Mo.
6Bradley YontsLeavenworth, Ks.
 I-35 Speedway 
 Stock Cars A-Feature 
 Week 2 2019 
1Jeff DixonTrenton, Mo.
2Tiim ShieldsKansas City, Mo.
3Jaylen WettengelTopeka, Ks.
4Aaron SauterSt. Joseph, Mo.
5Nick WhalenKansas City, Ks.
6Gerald WahwahsuckAtchison, Ks.
7Ron HillTurney, Mo.
8Thomas GroundKansas City, Mo.
9Austin OnealKearney, Mo.
10Sam ScottPolo, Mo.
11Kyle CourtneyKansas City, Mo.
 Stock Cars Heat 
1Thomas GroundKansas City, Mo.
2Tiim ShieldsKansas City, Mo.
3Jeff DixonTrenton, Mo.
4Nick WhalenKansas City, Ks.
5Kyle CourtneyKansas City, Mo.
6Ron HillTurney, Mo.
1Austin OnealKearney, Mo.
2Gerald WahwahsuckAtchison, Ks.
3Jaylen WettengelTopeka, Ks.
4Sam ScottPolo, Mo.
5Aaron SauterSt. Joseph, Mo.



(Pictured: Darron Fuqua Takes the Win In The USRA Modified Feature At I-35 Speedway During Tompkins Industries Night At The Races. Photo Courtesy of Lisa Burlington)

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